Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecakes

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We all deserve a little treat now and again, right?  So, today, I am sharing a recipe from my childhood that I morphed a bit into a gluten free and low FODMAP treat.  The recipe of the day: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecakes.  Please take a peek!

mini tortes

As a dietitian, I am all about eating healthy most of the time.  If the goal of eating healthy is to live a long, healthy and productive life, I do believe a little treat can fit in.  I worry sometimes about people that feel guilty about eating a little taste of cake… like it’s evil.  I am a bit fearful that nutrition and eating in the US has become somewhat of an obsession….and not at all in a good way.  I am happy that Americans are more aware of the relationship of food to health but I am sad that food has become a substance of calories, fats and ‘nutrients’ or chemicals rather than looked at as simply food that we eat to nourish and enjoy.   In part, this transition has become a necessity as modern manufacturers don’t always have our back–their goal is pure financial gain and getting an inexpensive manufactured food into the hands and mouths of consumers to make the almighty  $$ buck.  But the fallout of food obsession can have dire consequences —food  becomes feared and obsessed over and along with it a new form of eating disorder called orthorexia nervosa is emerging.  Learn more about orthorexia nervosa  here. Or read a post from Scoop Nutrition on this topic here!

Don’t get me wrong,  I think being an informed consumer is a good thing. I think eating real foods grown in nature is a great goal. I hope that the food manufacturing world will be more transparent and that consumer’s will know exactly what we are eating when we buy packaged foods.  I realize that many of my clients can’t eat anything they want because they have a sensitive intestine.  I am hopeful that we all listen to our bodies and when a food or drink creates pain or digestive woes that we listen and minimize the offending item.  But eating something simply because it has minimal calories or is full of green vegetables but you hate the taste and get very little enjoyment from consuming it…to me, misses the big picture. Food should be nourishing but also enjoyed right?  Too much of a “good” thing–be it water or spinach–can cause harm.  Jamming 2 bags of spinach into a green drink can up the phytates and oxalates to levels that minimize mineral absorption and increase risk of kidney stones in susceptible individuals. More isn’t always better.

I am not one to rant about my beliefs, though my husband may beg to differ with me! Ha! But just wanted to say, I think we need to be a bit more gentle on ourselves with our many “food rules”.  It can be exhausting and stressful to worry about every bite.  I do understand how scary eating can become when every bite seems to trouble your tummy.  And I am hopeful that this area of digestive health will continue to blossom and help us all connect the dots.  Just be mindful that trying to be perfect or ‘clean’ with your diet every single day might just be asking  yourself to do the impossible.  And from a ‘big picture’ health vantage point, this attempt to be perfect rather than eating healthy the majority of the time, probably won’t add years to your life….but rather less life to your years.

Okay…on a lighter note…let’s eat cake! 🙂

This recipe is partially homemade and partially made with some semi-prepared ingredients…making it super easy to whip up.  It’s also very adaptable.  I made my cheesecakes in my 3 inch torte pans, but these can be made in muffin tins w/ paper liners for easy removal.


6 replies on “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecakes

  • Exploding Mary


    Many salient points made here, as usual.

    I recently had someone staying with me who was so fixated on what was perfect to eat, that she made our life hell for nine months, and vacillated wildly between an extremely Spartan (but expensive) diet, and bouts of eating expensive organic junk food. This led not only to a breakdown for her, but deep financial difficulties for us, the unsuspecting hosts of this disturbed person. A healthy state of mind is important for maintaining a healthy body. And if you overthink every mouthful, it’s a good bet you don’t know how to relax and truly rest.

    Peace, Mari

  • Brenda

    Hi! I am a cook with some holistic experience and have recently lost 20lbs by eating clean and monitoring from my great group of healthcare pros. I had a treat night last night and enjoyed a half of a brownie from a popular coffee shop. Shortly after I experienced cramping and pressure in my stomach and intestinal area. I have been suspect of sugar for years do you think honey or maple syrup would give me the same problem? Love your blogs! 🙂

    • katescarlata

      Brenda, great question. That would depend on what triggered the symptoms…cocoa, sugar, flour. Some people experience intolerance to sucrose –this could be due to bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine, lack of sucrase isomaltase enzymes etc. If enzymes are low–in some cases fructose might be better tolerated–at least in someone w/o fructose malabsorption or SIBO–so a trial of honey might be better tolerated. Maple syrup is a good low FODMAP sweetener. Might need to try and see. Or try your best to determine cause of intolerance. This is why its best to work with a dietitian and gastroenterologist well versed in digestive health to help you tease out the cause.

  • Karen

    I am pleased to read what you wrote. I get tired of all the fighting about food. I went to an event at a person’s house where a very good cook ended up puttting the separate ingrediants into separate bowls. It was the only way to meet all the different dietary restrictions of the different people. I find that sad.

    If I have understood what you say, then even the FODMAP diet is not supposed to be permanent. Isn’t it supposed to be used only to exclude those foods that are proven to cause problems? Many people seem to view it as a permanent diet. I need to try it, but only want to do it with a nutritionist.

  • Konnie Z

    I finally read this post and absolutely agree with your thoughts, concerns, and beliefs. I feel the exact same way and it was refreshing to hear someone so seasoned in the world of dietetics just say it! The pure enjoyment in eating good food appears to have disappeared. I appreciate your honesty!

  • Kristi S

    Wow! I am new to this world! And am somewhat overwhelmed by all the great information! I’ve been suffering with IBS symptoms for about 6 years – nothing has worked yet, so, my doctor suggested the Low FODMAP diet! From what I have read so far, this seems like it could really help! Thank you for your blog, website and recipes!

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