Brazilian Cheese & Rosemary Rolls

Happy Monday! The sun is shining in my backyard this morning….which is a happy sight after a mostly rainy weekend. Despite the rain, Russ and I got in two nice runs.  Spring is sprung…and the green grass and budding trees are really so nice to see after our brutally cold winter!

I am gearing up for a busy work week–that ends in doing 2 dietitian FODMAP workshops.  Educating dietitians about FODMAPs is one of the best parts of my job! 🙂

Today, I wanted to share a really easy cheese puff/roll recipe.  Outside of buying a little tapioca flour/starch–the recipe is made with common ingredients.  I added some fresh rosemary to my Brazilian cheese roll recipe–but you can leave it out or add another fresh herb such as thyme if you want to.  cheese rosemary rollsMy son, Brennan chowed these mini rolls –made easy right in a mini muffin tin.

I learned about cheese puffs on my recent trip to Little Rock, Arkansas.  I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with my dietitian colleagues at a small Brazilian restaurant in Little Rock. We ordered a side of these rolls and they were delicious.  So…when I got back home, I found a few recipes and tweaked one to create these yummy rolls.

Here they are ready for the oven…cheese rolls ready for the oven

And they puffed up so effortlessly!cheese rolls

So… blog’s recipe ‘plug in’ is going through some growing pains–and I had to disable it to write a post.  So…for this recipe I am going to link you to the recipe–with hopes that my normal recipe posting will be up again soon.

I hope you try these delightful little rolls…and enjoy the week ahead!

Click here for Brazilian Cheese & Rosemary Rolls


9 replies on “Brazilian Cheese & Rosemary Rolls

  • Krista

    Also left this comment on Pinterest: I made a brazilian cheese roll recipe for Easter and Brenna loved them! Going to have to play with the recipe to see if I can make a much smaller batch. When I do, I’ll add some fresh herbs too-just planted our summer herb pot a couple weeks ago!

  • Angie

    Kate, what are your recommendations for sucralose? I had found a post from 2012 to avoid it. Has that changed? How highly do you recommend the low fodmap app (from Monash)? Thank you!

    • katescarlata

      Hi Angie…I highly recommend the Monash U app–but it won’t have brand names in it—but will have the most up to date and accurate info that we have. I love having it on my phone! The Monash team is working on updates–so they should be providing them soon. I don’t like sucrolose. Animal study showed it lowered healthy gut bacteria populations. No need to have it in the diet!

  • Lisa R

    Hi Kate,
    I’ve wanted a savory muffin/role to accompany soup, etc., and this is just the thing!
    I made these with potato starch (same amount) instead, and they were GREAT!
    Thank you!

  • Joyce Montgomery

    Follow your articles faithfully and find them most helpful. Could you suggest a subistute for peanutbutter? The only seed I am able to eat are sunflower seeds but that is a tricky substitution in some cases as the mixture turns green from the phorphous, unless the baking soda and powder are minimized. The only nut I am able to eat are pecans. Should I attempt to make pecanbutter?

    I would appreciate to be entered to win a 21-Day Tummy book.

  • Jessica

    Hi Kate –

    I don’t have any tapioca flour on hand, just a gluten-free flour mix from Costco and brown rice flour. Do you think either of those would work as a substitute?


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