What I ate on Wednesday Registered Dietitian Edition!

I was tagged by Tricia Thompson to participate in a fun post about what I ate last Wednesday.  Dietitians around the world are posting what they ate on Wednesdays–follow the hashtag, #wiawrd Tricia Thompson is the founder of Gluten Free Watchdog, an organization that  tests gluten free products to ensure they truly are gluten free. Tricia is truly a gluten guru and my key resource for learning about hidden gluten in foods.

So…here is what happened in the food department for me last Wednesday! I try to eat a healthy diet overall…though I have a sweet tooth and am somewhat sensitive to FODMAPs so don’t over do them in my diet!

For breakfast, I opted for a slice of Iggy’s sourdough cranberry pecan bread toasted with a smear of almond butter and a small side of fruit salad. And a cup of coffee too! YUM!breakfast

For lunch, I love to make up a nourish bowl. Lots of goodness in one bowl! I added some warm chicken, carrots, cukes, lettuce, pumpkin seeds, blue cheese and topped the mixture with a lemon and olive dressing. Oh…and I added a few blue corn tortillas on the side!lunch

I slipped in a snack. One of my favorites snacks! Banana slices, almond butter and a few semi-sweet chocolate chips! This snack tastes so good and appeals to all of my cravings!snack

For dinner–I went for a mix of leftover Chinese food and some chicken and carrots.dinner

Last Wednesday was a tasty day….and I try to make every day equally tasty! 🙂

The WIAW Dietitian Tag! #WIAWRD

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