Cornmeal Orange Zest and Cranberry Cookies

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This recipe is inspired by a Martha Stewart recipe titled cornmeal-cherry cookies and my favorite Dancing Deer cornmeal biscotti.  I love anything made with cornmeal.  Sooooo…..good!

I morphed the recipe a little to make it low in FODMAPs. Dried fruit tends to be high FODMAP but dried cranberries in small amounts (1 TB) are okay.

When you mix up the dough you roll it into a log and refrigerate until firm. Then cut into little rectangles and bake ’em up!

So….here you go.  These are such a light delicate cookie…and somewhat addictive. 🙂 Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee.


5 replies on “Cornmeal Orange Zest and Cranberry Cookies

  • Marcy

    I so miss sweets! In your opinion, do you think this would be “safe” for post SIBO diet? I’m concerned with the corn meal and flour – carbs? I know moderation is key as well. I trying to add foods back and still keep SIBO from returning. It is daunting task as you well know! Thanks for your site and the help and hope you have given me through this journey.

  • Angela

    Is Cornmeal the same as polenta? I know it definitely isn’t cornflour, which is much finer. Sorry, I need a UK translation! thanks

  • Carrie

    I made these with lemon zest and sliced almonds, and they were lovely–not too sweet, and just the right size for a little treat. Thank you for a great recipe and your wonderful website. It has made navigating the world of FODMAPs so much easier!

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