Low FODMAP Brownie in a minute!

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Well….the new blog is up! Woot! Woot!  I am still working out some tweaks but it should be fully functional in the next month or so. Bear with me…while it’s a bit of a construction site.  I am trying to make it a bit easier to navigate.

Today, I thought I would share with you a recipe we enjoyed at my recent class at Whole Foods on the low FODMAP diet.  It’s a simple and QUICK brownie recipe.

Hey, who doesn’t like a little chocolate treat every now and again….

I found a few  single serving cakes and cookies recipes online using a microwave and  a coffee mug that could be cooked up in just a minute!  Hmmm….a warm baked treat in a minute sounds so “American” to me! Ha!  We do love everything SO fast…..if not, faster, right?  Not that I like that….in fact, I try to slow down a bit EVERY chance I get.

But, I have to admit, a warm brownie sitting in front of me on a cold {YUP, it has been very cold} winter’s night generally sounds like a really good great idea to me….and so I started experimenting with low FODMAP ingredients to find a suitable fudge-y brownie recipe.

And here it it…Easy, yummy and low FODMAP.

Wheat tolerant folks can use all purpose flour or whole wheat pastry flour, if desired.1 minute brownie

The girls at my recent FODMAPs and YOU made up the brownies themselves… they were a hit!

Cocoa powder is limited to 3 ‘heaped’ teaspoons per Monash researchers so the one level tablespoon in my recipe fits into the cut off.

Speaking of my recent FODMAPs and YOU class…we truly had a blast.  The culinary center at Whole Foods is amazing and I plan on doing another class in October.  It’s difficult to do a class on the weekends….some of you have asked…as this Whole Foods is SO busy it would be near impossible to do the grocery store tour on the weekend.

My friends at Bonnievilles Power Cookies surprised us with some cookie treats. What a nice treat for my FODMAP peeps….incuding me…I ate two of the coconut almond cookies yesterday. MMMMM…..Bonnieville’s is a great company with a great product. Thanks Bonnie for thinking of us!

And Green Valley which offers many great lactose free products including their very popular lactose free yogurt provided coupons for my FODMAPers too! Very nice! Thank you!

Here’s a few pictures from the the FODMAPs and YOU class!

Me being me.kate class

Overflowing brownie in the making! Next time use a slightly larger mason jar!

kate class 4

The gals doing some hands on cooking!kate class 5

I think I am contemplating and cooking at the same time in the picture below!  Someone must have just asked a thought provoking question?! 🙂

kate class 8 Well are your ready to make a FODMAP friendly brownie in a minute?  Well…then here’s the recipe!

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