Sweeeeeet Potato Pancakes

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The leaves are slowly falling off the trees here in New England.leaves

It’s a bit overcast today…a great morning to take my time and whip up a new recipe.

On the docket today:  Sweet Potato Pancakes with chopped walnuts infused with cinnamon and cloves–topped with a little butter and maple sugar.  Super easy and delicious.

Check these puppies out!

Sweet potato pancakes www.katescarlata.com

I purchased sweet potato puree at Whole Foods –just to simplify the process.  I didn’t use the whole can of sweet potato so I am saving it for another recipe that I hope to share with you later in the week.

The pancake batter makes about 9 medium pancakes–since I was making them for  just Russ and I–I used the extra batter and made a handful of mini muffins.  I will pack these up for a quick snack or grab and go breakfast.

I started with these basic ingredients.ingredients

Wheat tolerant folks can use their favorite pancake mix but I found this Gluten free King Arthur Pancake mix quite suitable for my FODMAPers.

I love this sweet potato brand (Farmers Market)–note they do not use BPA lining  in their cans.  Yay! I sure hope more companies follow suit. Of course, fresh baked sweet potatoes are always best–but I do like to streamline the process sometimes.  BPA is found in plastics and can linings–and unfortunately we have a lot of plastic used in our food supply.  BPA is linked with health risks. 🙁  Learn more about BPA here!

Look at the cute muffins I made with the extra batter!mini sweet potato muffins

So…here’s the recipe.  Save the extra sweet potato puree and add a scoop into your hot cereal, tossed into your brown rice with some fresh sage and garlic infused oil, or add to your favorite banana bread recipe!  Sweet potato has moderate FODMAPs but can be enjoyed in a 1/2 cup portion.

I sprinkled a bit of maple sugar on the top of my muffins and pancakes. If you’d like to try maple sugar, you can get it at speciality stores or Trader Joe’s Markets.

3 replies on “Sweeeeeet Potato Pancakes

  • The Candid RD

    Yum, these remind me of a butternut squash muffin recipe I posted on my blog not too long ago. They were amazing. I actually didn’t know Farmer’s Market made canned sweet potato puree. I’ll have to search for that next time I’m at the store!

  • Marcy

    I’m finally ready for another Lactulose Breath Test! I’ve heard so many different things to eat the day before the test! Do you know what most RD’s and Dr’s say is best? I’ve heard white bread and English Muffins are ok/potatoes ok/fruit/veggies ok. But some say only chicken/fish/white rice for all 3 meals! Heard eggs ok – some say no. Confused! I just want the test to be accurate! I didn’t know if you could remember what you Dr. had you eat before your SIBO testing. Thanks!

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