Autumn Salad

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I love salads with a mix of savory and sweet flavors.  This week, I whipped up a yummy fall inspired salad with a maple Dijon dressing that I would LOVE to share with YOU.

Check it out!Autumn Salad

My daughter, Chelsea took time off of work for an extra long weekend and visited home.  We had some time to drive along the local country roads and take a few pics. I love when my daughter visits! 🙂


I really love this time of year in New England. So…pretty.

red berry

The sidewalks are full of leaves…

leaves and sneaksBittersweet sneaks through the fence…
Bittersweet and fence

But, back in the kitchen…I mixed up a little bit of everything good.  Kale, cheese, nuts, fruits….Salad ingredients

I added a sliced starfruit to my salad….because starfruit are super cute…and tasty. (Not to mention, low FODMAP).Starfruit

For the greens, I added some thinly sliced kale and some red leaf lettuce. Both from my farm CSA at Tangerini’s in the town next to mine, Millis, Massachusetts.  Buying into a CSA has really helped my family eat healthier.  NO doubt about that.

I like kale sliced in thin strips when I use it as a salad green.Chopping kale

The delicious homemade maple Dijon dressing- really compliments all of these tasty ingredients.  Deeeelish!

Autumn Salad with Starfruit

Are you drooling yet?  Make this healthy {and low FODMAP} recipe now!! Your belly will love you for it! 🙂

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  • Leslie

    Hi Kate! I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE this salad dressing!! I found myself avoiding salad because it just wasn’t the same without a yummy dressing, but now because of your dressing I look forward to a salad every day! Maybe you can add it to your current list of FODMAP Friendly Salad Dressings so that others can find it easily and enjoy it as well. Thanks again!!

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