Zucchini Pasta!

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Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!  I have a super busy week ahead! I am speaking at the 17th Neurogastroenterology & Motility Scientific Meeting in Huntington Beach, California on FODMAPs (of course!) on Friday.  Then from there, I fly to Chicago to attend the International Celiac Disease Symposium and provide a FODMAP workshop after the conference.  I am very excited to learn the latest in digestive health at these two prestigious conferences.  I have plans to connect with some researchers and hope to come back to Boston with the latest info in digestive health.  I will be chirping on twitter about key digestive health research–so don’t forget to follow me on twitter:  KateScarlata_RD

So…I made this recipe last week…and I can’t wait to make it again.  Super yummy, nutritious and easy on the digestion!

Check out my zucchini pasta….

zucchiniIt’s easy to make spaghetti style pasta shaped noodles with low carb, low FODMAP zucchini…..and even my Italian husband liked the dish I made! 🙂

Use a julienne peeler and scrape the side of the zucchini–flesh only-not the seeds. This is what a julienne peeler looks like…Image peeler

If you don’t have a julienne peeler might I suggest you buy one!  They are super fun to use!

Using a bit of garlic infused oil–I sautéed up a bunch of my garden ripe CSA veggies: bell peppers, carrots and tomatoes…and some leftover green beans too!

Then tossed in my ‘pasta’!zucchini pasta added to skillet

Cooked it up and added some shredded Parmesan.Veggie saute

I topped the mixture with fresh sea scallops that I seared in a bit of butter and olive oil.  The butter helps brown the scallops–I used a tiny amount!zucchini pasta

5 replies on “Zucchini Pasta!

  • Christina W

    What are your thoughts on tomatoes? I saw them on your list as OK for low fodmaps, but I feel that they may be something that bothers my system since I do eat them a few times a week. Have you had other clients experience tomato issues?? Thanks!

    • katescarlata

      Tomatoes can be a problem for some people. Fresh tomatoes in small portion 1/2 cup should be okay from FODMAP perspective. Tomato paste can be source of excess fructose. Tomato sauce can be a FODMAP issue as it often has added garlic and onion. So it depends on quantity and form. Remember sometimes FODMAPs are simply a piece of the puzzle–some people have additional diet triggers that need to be modified as well–such as fat or maybe for you–tomatoes. Listen to your body but try your best to eat a well balanced and nourishing diet.

      • Christina W

        I eat tomatoes in all it’s varieties and make my own sauce – but can find them acidic and recently found sauce might be the culprit. Thanks for the input!

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