Quick Update: GI conferences

I left for sunny California last Thursday for the Neurogastroenterology & Motility Scientific Meeting in Huntington Beach!  I spoke about Food and IBS.  I was very happy to talk and share my thoughts about IBS, diet and FODMAPs with some very interesting gastroenterologists from all over the world. An extra perk: I met Mark Pimentel, one of the key small intestinal bacterial overgrowth researchers and Bill Chey, one of the top IBS docs in the US.

Honestly, my head is spinning with knowledge and it will take me a while to decipher it all and see how it fits with what I do with my clients in practice.

I also fit in a nice day of biking!  Yay! I don’t look like I am having fun…but really I am!beach

From sunny California, I headed straight to sunny Chicago!  No palm trees here..boo 🙁

But…I am excited because I am now at the  15th International Celiac Disease Symposium.  There is quite a bit of talk about diet and IBS–topics such as non celiac gluten sensitivity, FODMAPs and wheat intolerance due to amylase trypsin inhibitors (ATIs).  ATIs are  found in wheat and are linked with baker’s asthma, intestinal inflammation and worsening of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. There are many different perspectives–almost different research ‘camps’ when it comes to theories about diet and gastrointestinal symptoms.  What I have learned over the last week…that this is a very exciting time in digestive health. Research is blossoming! But it is far from simple and there is much work to be done.  Our food, our environment, the microbes in our gut, our genes…they all play a part in why some people have sensitive digestive tracts.

Today, I stumbled upon 3 of the Monash researchers at the conference: Simone Peters, Emma Halmos and Jessica Biesiekierski. I had met them on my past trip to Melbourne to learn more about FODMAPs.  Jessica will be talking tomorrow about her research on FODMAPs. These woman are my heroes!

At the Gluten Free product marketplace I found some yummy gluten free and FODMAP friendly foods including this oatmeal that I snagged which will be my morning breakfast before the 8:30 session.oatmeal

That’s all for now!

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  • Grace

    Hi Kate! Thanks again for the recommendation on a FODMAPs versed registered dietitian in NYC. I’ve had great results with my doctor and I’m really happy with my progress. Had a question though:

    Can you recommend a good multivitamin for women, particularly any with IBS? I used to take Centrum years ago but stopped because I felt nauseous (heard it’s the iron content, and it’s best to take after having a meal). Any suggestions for something that is easy on the stomach but still gives you all the essential vitamins and nutrients we’d need, especially since we may lack a few due to the difficulty in sticking to a low FODMAPs diet.

    I pinged my dietitian but haven’t heard back just yet. Would love to also hear your thoughts as well. Thanks in advance!

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