Simple Greek Quinoa

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The food experience in NYC is always one of my favorite parts of visiting the

Earlier this week, my daughter Chelsea and I found a cute cheese shop that also had a nice spread of sandwiches, soups and grab and go salads. I love a good cheese case, don’t you?  So…yum!cheese in nyc

We both took a look at the feta cheese and olive infused quinoa and we were sold.  It was so good and so I thought I would try to make some at home.  Got quinoa?quinoa

Russ gave this recipe a solid 9 out of 10.  I think he might have given me a 10 if I added some scallions to the recipe but I didn’t have any in the house!  So when you make this dish you may want to add some chopped scallion for a little extra zip. 🙂

So…in Massachusetts we are gearing up for a serious blizzard.  Likely 2 feet or more… and winds 70 miles per hour. Yikes!  I hope we don’t lose power as I hope to cook up my own storm in my kitchen while I am stuck inside.  I love baking when Mother Nature is wreaking havoc outside.

(Side note: Russ says I also wreak havoc while cooking in the kitchen….hmmmm…what’s up with that? Could he be referring to the mess I make?!)

So… back to quinoa.  I find most of my clients aren’t quite sure what to do with quinoa.  In fact, many of my clients say they are not quinoa fans but come to find out, they just ate it plain…without dressing it up!?  I think quinoa needs a little more attention than that!

Quinoa is nice with a bunch of chopped up fresh veggies and herbs. I went with red pepper, cucumber, and dill.  chopped veggies

I tossed in some crumbled feta and kalamata olives to infuse those tasty savory flavors! I also whipped up a lemon-y mustard dressing to blend in for a nice flavor.mustard dressing

And the final product….made for a GREAT healthy (and low FODMAP) lunch and dinner for me! 🙂

Greek Quinoa