Sweet Potatoes with Cranberry Nut Topping

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Again, I was inspired by a recipe on Pinterest.  Honestly, that site is so addictive.  This week’s recipe find was a delicious looking sweet potato concoction.

Here is the original post.

It looks amazing, but it is not at all  FODMAPs friendly.  So I modified the recipe, as I have been known to do. 🙂

The Scarlata kitchen has been all about Fall lately.  Lots of cinnamon, nuts, squashes  and some pumpkin thrown in there too.

So this is what I whipped up…

So simple. Cut up the potato into thin slices–not all the way through.

Mix up some melted butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.  Brush the mixture all over the top of the potato.

Top with chopped cranberries, pecans and pumpkin seeds. {Dried cranberries have not yet been tested by Monash University for FODMAP content but they are on the waiting list of foods to be tested-to be cautious you may delete the fruit.}

Here’s the potato ready to be covered  up with tin foil on its way into the oven.

I am heading to Philadelphia this weekend to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual conference.  Hoping to learn some exciting news in the field of nutrition.  Have a great weekend!



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  • elise

    were the apples the main thing you were trying to avoid (for fodmaps purposes) or was there something else i missed? i dont tolerate butter, but i use vegan butter (earth balance) all the time (which was in the original recipe). just wondering! thanks 🙂

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