Cilantro Ginger Chicken Meatballs

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Dear Tony (my Italian Father-in-law),

The meatball recipe I am providing is no where near what you had the pleasure in devouring as a young child of an amazing Italian cook!  But, I have to say, I really like my recipe.  It’s a little out of the ordinary…but I do think, if you tried them, you’d like them!

Love (your favorite daughter-in-law),


Even though my married name is Scarlata, I am not a big fan of traditional Italian foods so I tend to create my own take on some of their staple foods.  So, this week I made meatballs with ground chicken, cilantro and ginger…alot different than your traditional Italian meatball recipe…  But these little meatballs truly taste AMAZING!!!!

I buy my ground chicken from Whole Foods Market.  Nothing quite compares and I am happy to report, it does not have pink slime. Did you hear about pink slime in the news?  Yikes!

This recipe is easy to whip together…you just… mix the ingredients all in one bowl, form into meatballs, bake them up and serve as lunch or dinner with jasmine or basmati rice OR make into smaller meatballs as a tasty appetizer.

I like a little dipping sauce to serve with these little tasty meatballs.

Sauce options:

For my Asian Sesame Soy Dressing, click here.

Mix and serve alongside meatballs or drizzle over meatballs on a bed of rice.

Or try…the Peanut Coconut Drizzle as above in recipe!

Place meatballs over a bed of rice and drizzle with Peanut Coconut Drizzle OR serve alongside meatballs as a dip.


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