Cheers…to Low FODMAP Cocktails!

Cheers FODMAPers! If you are searching for a festive drink for you or your friends following the low FODMAP diet, I have got you covered.

gin & tonic

Here is a delightful gin and tonic that Russ and I enjoyed our our trip to Rotterdam. Red peppercorns and orange slices made this cocktail fragrant and beautiful.

Alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation and as tolerated, of course!  This translates to about one drink per women and two drinks for men.

Beer has been tested by the Monash U folks and found to be low FODMAP.  It does contain gluten (unless you choose a gluten free beer), but remember gluten is not a FODMAP.  With the advent of numerous microbreweries opening around the globe, a word of caution: always ask about the alcohol content of these new beers!  Some of these micro-brewed beers are high octane…and alcohol itself can lead to GI distress…so choose your beer selection with care!

When I visited Monash University to learn more about the low FODMAP diet back in 2011, rum was just being analyzed for FODMAP content.  And as you may know, rum has excess fructose…not a good choice for the low FODMAP diet.

Cocktail stirrers flat

Many hard alcohol options such as gin, vodka and whiskey are low FODMAP.  The same goes for most red and white wines though dessert wines may be a source of excess fructose.

Here are a few tips for making a low FODMAP cocktail:

  • Add a splash of Fevertree tonic water to your favorite low FODMAP liquor. Russ and I enjoy this tonic water with a splash fresh squeezed citrus such as a mix of orange, lemon and limes with gin.
  • A splash of cranberry juice (sans high fructose corn syrup) and a bit of fresh lime juice can jazz up a shot of vodka.
  • Club soda, Champagne or Prosecco add a refreshing flavor and fizz.
  • Pureeing your favorite low FODMAP fruit adds a fruity punch to your cocktail such as pureeing a serving of frozen pineapple, blueberries or strawberries.
  • Canned coconut milk adds a low FODMAP creamy flavor to your drink!
  • For a festive presentation, rim a glass with sprinkle as I did here in my celebration cocktail martini!

Martini w: sprinkles

If you are looking for more cocktail recipe inspirations, check out my cute cocktail recipe and information handout that features some fun recipes and more info on alcohol for the FODMAPer ($3 on my site.)

As always….thanks for the support of my work! 🙂



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  • Rachel

    Great information! Carbonation upsets my stomach and I have been looking for flat beer options. Do you have any? Would cast beers work?

  • Debby Ladiges

    The more I have learned about low fodmaps the larger my food canvas has become. This article on cocktails is great and as for
    beers I did not know they were low fodmap. Sierra Nevada Brewery is in my backyard one town over so- You Made My Day!
    Now I can do the tour. Thanks

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