Celebration Martini and Give-A-Way!

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How inviting is this cute cocktail?


I like to ring in the new year with a little fun and a very cute cocktail…and this one fits my criteria!

I kept a little of the crushed ice in the drink as I like it nice and chilly!

Martini w: sprinkles

May 2016 be a year of new beginnings, great health and balance in your life!

Celebration Martini

For more cocktail inspo…I do have a cute cocktail guide on my site for $3.

To start the year off right, I decided to also do a little give-a-way.


I co-authored the 21 Day Tummy Cookbook–and it is full of many amazing low FODMAP recipes!

For a chance to win this great book, please leave a comment and share your favorite tip on how you add balance to your life. What brings you a little zen and peace?

For me, I find balance in quality time with my kids, a walk with my crazy yet sweet lab Lucy, a glass of red wine and talking with my great husband, Russ or a good run.  OH…and I do love baking too!


44 replies on “Celebration Martini and Give-A-Way!

  • Casey

    One of the most effective ways that I’ve found to add balance to my life (and peace to my digestion!) is to regularly stretch, walk, or practice yoga several times a week. When I let it fall by the wayside, I find myself irritable or stressed and my digestion certainly pays for it. This also gives me much-needed “me time” to reflect on the day, to breath deeply, and to find some solace.
    When I first started dealing with digestive issues, I simply tried to spot fix–no diary, no bread, no vegetables, no fruits–and suddenly I found myself with no anything! Only after coming across your website and I learned more about the holistic approach to dealing with these issues was I able to find balance in a way that works for me.

    Thank you, as always, for being a wonderful resource.

    I’m so appreciative of your information and wish you a very happy new year!

  • Gretal Cromwell

    As a mommy with young kiddos, a long, bubble bath after the kids are asleep is a luxury that brings peace. Trying to get back to running too.

  • Maggie G

    One of the ways I add balance is to walk away or get up and move around when I feel stress starting to weigh me down. It helps me refocus. I find I can problem-solve much better since I let the issue go for a while and then usually a solution will pop into my head.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Happy 2016!

  • Jess

    Life is all about balance! I actually wake up early to have a little alone time, enjoy my coffee, and read. I exercise for 30 minutes a day and practice yoga. I love spending time with my fiance and family, but also cherish my “me time” to relax and get centered again! I’m a big advocate for clean eating and so many of my digestive issues have gone away just from eating better and getting proper nutrition!

    Always love to see your posts and valuable information that you share! =)

    Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

  • Jennifer

    I add balance to my life by making sure that I have enough “me” time…especially important during the holidays, which can be hectic! “Me” time is time alone where I can simply recharge my batteries, and that makes the time that I do spend with others a lot more enjoyable! It definitely requires knowing your limits, and when you recognize that simply going through the motions to meet commitments is harming more than helping. My preferred ways to spend this “me” time is by taking hot baths, exercising first thing in the morning, and gentle stretching. I also have my times of spacing out in front of the TV too – engrossing myself in someone else’s story and disappearing from real life for a little while is always a welcome distraction!

  • Michele Ward

    Walking and daily stretching is how I add balance to my life. I find that when I don’t get my exercise — I feel out of kilter.

  • Stefanie williams

    I find balance in walking my dog twice a day – she loves it and so do I….somedays it is just a quick one up the street to the 300 year-old oak tree, or our favorite is a longer trek through the cornfields….In addition, I try to meditate very day, even if briefly – just sit on the cushion and breathe, say the metta prayer and then feel the calm.

    To help add balance to my professional life, I’m working on challenging myself to read something outside of nutrition and research, each night before I fall asleep – something spiritual is where I am these days. Somedays it can be a fun and different novel, but making the time is important.

  • Lee

    Each of the above methods work for me, including yours, Kate. So I will add one not mentioned. We acquired an MRS pad for our son, who battles Lyme. (Together, my family battles his Lyme.) When I add a morning or evening session on the MRS pad to my day, I am centered, have slightly lifted spirits, sleep more deeply, have improved facial skin with less dark under-the-eye circles. It’s an expensive item, I am sorry to say. Taking care of myself in this way and other ways, makes me a better mom for my ill son, two healthy sons and dear husband, three dogs and senior cat.

  • Elizabeth Parker

    I created a “zen den” in my spare room with soft white lights, oil/insence, overstuffed floor pillows and a little water feature. I read, meditate and just unwind in there for peace at mind. Pure bliss! 🙂

  • Kandy

    I add balance to my life by playing with my cats and fostering kittens. Seeing their sweet innocence and joy, coupled with the knowledge I’m saving their lives and helping them to find a forever home is full of nice fuzzies. I also like to ride my bike and to write.

    • katescarlata

      Love that you foster kittens! How sweet. I am a big cat lover…have lived with many over my lifetime. Sounds like you have some good balance going on, Kandy!

  • Patti Bjorkman

    I find balance by taking time to “create” with my knitting, painting, gardening and my new interest, coloring 🙂

  • Fran

    Swimming is most definetely my thing to help balance myself and give me some ‘me’ time to think and relax. I couldn’t do without it!

  • Deb

    Finding some quiet is what brings me balance. Whether it’s a walk, prayer or reading a cookbook, I need time on my own. Yes, I am an introvert but even extroverts need a bit of peace!

  • Susan

    I have really enjoyed this blog and am already registered for February 26. I have been able to stop taking xifaxin and enterra (spelling) and my probiotic for the moment it seems. Yay. Your rice pasta salad and chocolate cookie recipes are favorites though we cannot eat only one. After getting a divorce and selling my shares in a business owned with a close friend for 24 years followed by being over 50, unemployed and supporting a son through college, I count my Zen as surviving, finding a new job and managing my unruly gut. Baby steps.

  • Kristin

    It’s been 5 months since diagnosis and discovery of this blog. Thank you so much Kate for having this blog filled with yummy recipes that my stomach can tolerate! I find zen in cooking new recipes, hanging out with my dog Bailah, and hiking or running outdoors.

  • Lisa

    My new favorite zenful activity is coloring. I found an adult coloring book filled with shapes and waves- perfect for not caring about what color is in my hand. When I reach for the coloring book, I’ve found my mind quiets down within a matter of minutes.

    Thank you so much for your blog. I found it a month ago after three years of feeling icky all the time. I changed my diet and felt amazingly better (I forgot how good I could feel!) in just a few days and I found out I have SIBO just a few hours ago. I’m looking forward to new answers and feeling better in 2016!

  • Helen Ames

    Periodically through the day I gravitate to a comfy chair with a hot cup of tea and my iPad. I love learning and exploring. What better way to do that than perusing online sites that entertain, enrich and empower!

  • Tamara Irizarry

    I really enjoy my time when the kids are in school and is all quiet. I can go on a run and take a really long baht afterwards.

  • Stephanie Magill

    I find balance by making time for myself early in the morning with a high intensity workout and weight lifting or a long run with a friend. It clears my mind and gets me ready for the crazy day of work and kid activities. I also find that even on our hectic days, if I can get everyone at the table for a quick healthy family dinner it gives us all a time to find balance.

  • Ruth

    I love to run and I try to fit it in most days. Makes me feel better! I also enjoy reading a good book. Hard to fit in with 2 little kids, but I try!

  • Nikki S

    I find balance in teaching group fitness classes, specifically yoga and pilates. Nothing makes my body feel more refreshed than after class! I also really enjoy sharing my love for the class with other people. I also love making a cup of coffee in the morning and reading blogs- doing that right now!

  • Sarah

    Yoga, hot tea and a low fodmap treat, getting outside, a good book, Downton Abbey, cooking, and reading my Bible and praying all give me peace. Happy 2016 to you all!

    Thanks for this fun recipe! I’m really excited to try this one!

  • Judy King

    My life became more & more balanced once I read an article Late January 2015 in GLUTEN FREE & MORE mag. The article was about fodmaps!! Once I read they are ‘cumulative & OSMOTIC’, I just KNEW I had to do this!!! I had been eating ‘healthily’ for many, many years…..but becoming ‘fodmap friendly healthy’ has changed my whole life! Now I am balanced! YES!!
    Thank you, Kate, for ALL you do for us!!!

  • Joyce

    Swing dance. I used to try to do yoga for my anxiety. It just made me more anxious. But swing dance helps me take my mind off even the most stressful workload or uncomfortable tummy.

  • Anne Hays

    I started walking to train for the Susan Komen 3-day 60 mile walk for the cure to tribute my daughter in law whom we lost two summers ago at the age of 36. I found that walking five, six seven miles a day was easy enough if I made the time, and I made the time because of the goal of walking sixty miles. I’ve completed the 60 mile walk twice and raised a heck of a lot of money for breast cancer research, but I’ve also found a strength and an inner voice of determination I didn’t know I possessed. I suffered my IBS symptoms while walking 60 miles and found the way to persevere. I am new to your blog, but following the precepts with the same determination. And I am still walking – six miles today.

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