The Top Banana

The top banana often refers to the person in charge. Today, the top banana is the banana topped with the most nutritional offerings. Are you up to the challenge?

Update:  Avoid using overly ripe bananas as they contain fructans if you are following a low FODMAP diet. 
top banana

Who knew food could be so beautiful?


I had so much fun creating this topped banana and even more fun eating it. I love the magnesium rich seed and nut toppings. Food should be fun…especially for those on the low #FODMAP diet. 🙂 Did you know most Americans don’t meet their daily magnesium needs?  This is concerning as magnesium likely plays a role in inflammation in the body, which is linked to a host of chronic diseases: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and gut disorders!

Banana slices

Lightly spread a layer of peanut butter and then top with a smattering of your favorite low FODMAP toppings, in acceptable portions, of course!

Fun, easy, nutritious and low FODMAP. Perfection!

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