New Resource for FODMAPers!

Today’s tip will be short and sweet.  US canned pumpkin FODMAP results are finally here!!pumpkin & mums

It seems forever ago that I sent canned pumpkin to the Monash researchers.  In fact, I sent several boxes of US foods for testing.  What we learned:   Canned US pumpkin has moderate amount of FODMAPs.  Small amounts, 1/4 cup canned,  such as in an otherwise low FODMAP  slice of pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread or maybe a granola bar is low BUT 1/2 cup canned is moderate. Portion size matters!!  So…of course, this week’s recipe will feature some pumpkin….stay tuned!

The great news is that the Monash researches now how a blog to keep us all up dated on their latest FODMAP findings.  This will be a valuable spot for all of us to check periodically for the latest news straight from the lab down under.  So without further adieu…here is the link for the Monash blog!

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