Thanksgiving Tummy Tamer!

We all are a bit gluttonous on Thanksgiving…it sort of goes with the territory..or maybe that’s just me 🙂

This year we are heading to the Big Apple again to take in the Macy’s Day Parade.  We went last year–and had such a great time–we decided to go again!

So…for my favorite FODMAPers –don’t fret….I’ve got you covered when it comes to Thanksgiving and your tummy.

FODMAP friendly Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Appetizers:  Create a beautiful cheese platter with FODMAP friendly crackers, grapes, sliced red pepper strips, olives and pickles.  Maybe a side of  buffalo chicken meatballs or tomato mozzarella bites?  Or enjoy sea scallops wrapped in bacon or deviled eggs as a tasty low FODMAP appetizer. You could always whip up some of my FODMAP-friendly hummus too!

Buffalo chicken meatballs are a new family favorite! buffalo chicken meatballs

Main entree: Why, turkey, of course!  (no FODMAPs here!)

Stuffing: Check out my stuffing recipe here! Or maybe give Gillian’s stuffing a try–looks fairly low FODMAP to me.

Gravy:  Make a homemade gravy with the drippings, homemade chicken broth and  thicken with cornstarch, brown rice flour or potato starch (salt and pepper to taste).

Veggies:  Mash up some white potatoes with a bit of garlic infused oil and lactose free milk, sautéed green beans, maple syrup drizzled carrots, and/or perhaps a ½ sweet potato topped with a little maple syrup, dash of cinnamon and chopped walnuts.  Or maybe my Autumn Salad recipe?  I love the maple Dijon dressing on this salad….yummmmmy!Autumn Salad with Starfruit

Cranberry sauce: Choose a product made with sugar not high fructose corn syrup—look for organic brands. Or better yet, make your own cranberry orange relish with fresh cranberries, orange and a hint of sugar.IMG_5947

Dessert: Lactose free pudding such as coconut milk quinoa pudding, lactose free ice cream, chocolate dipped strawberries or meringue cookies.

quinoa pudding

I do hope you enjoy your turkey day! I am feeling quite thankful that I will see all of my three kids for the holiday!  What are you thankful for?


9 replies on “Thanksgiving Tummy Tamer!

  • Lori Leydorf

    Good Morning. I have been following a low fodmap diet at teh recommendation of my GI doctor but am not getting any relief from bloating and distention. I am wondering if diet sodas are something to be avoided and if the newer bottled water, Ice, is ok? Thank you!

    • katescarlata

      Lori–Diet soda sweetened with aspartame should be okay—but I am not a fan of artificial ingredients. And the Ice waters have fruit juice concentrates which can be a FODMAP issue –and also sucralose-which in animal studies alters gut bacteria–unfavorably. Plus Ice waters have food dyes—yuck!

      • Lori Leydorf

        Thank you for the response. I am truly frustrated at the little to no relief I am getting. I have asked for a referral to a dietician for more help with the diet. I have had on-going problems since a colonoscopy in June – problems I did not have before then even with a long-term diagnosis of IBS-C – specifically the bloating and distention.

    • Marcy

      Lori, Be sure to have your Dr. test you for SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth). Hope you feel better soon.

  • Mary

    Hi Kate

    One thing I really miss is eating apple pie. I saw on an Australian bakery site in which an apple dessert was baked with dextrose ( I think) causing the pie to be FODMAPS friendly. Have you ever heard of this? I’m not sure what the ratio of dectrose to fructose would be either….but thought you may have come across this before. Any thoughts? I’m assuming the additional dextrose would only assist absorption of fructose….but not the sorbitol (or polyol)


    • katescarlata

      Mary–adding glucose or dextrose does seem to enhance fructose absorption–but you are right it will not help with sorbitol intolerance. Not everyone is troubled by sorbitol–so perhaps worth a try after the elimination phase of the diet.

  • The Candid RD

    Unfortunately I will be eating tons of fodmaps today! I mean, I tried to find two low fodmaps recipes; the first one is roasted carrots (but it has a pomegranate glaze and then pistacchios on top…) So that’s lower fodmaps, but still, not free of them. And then I’m making a cauliflower and broccoli au gratin. Yeah, I’ll need a Beano for sure!

    • katescarlata

      Karen, all plain meats are low FODMAP. FODMAPs are carbohydrates and meats contain fat and protein alone…unless in a sauce or have added carb ingredients.

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