Thanksgiving Tummy Tamer!

We all are a bit gluttonous on Thanksgiving…it sort of goes with the territory..or maybe that’s just me 🙂

This year we are heading to the Big Apple again to take in the Macy’s Day Parade.  We went last year–and had such a great time–we decided to go again!

So…for my favorite FODMAPers –don’t fret….I’ve got you covered when it comes to Thanksgiving and your tummy.

FODMAP friendly Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Appetizers:  Create a beautiful cheese platter with FODMAP friendly crackers, grapes, sliced red pepper strips, olives and pickles.  Maybe a side of  buffalo chicken meatballs or tomato mozzarella bites?  Or enjoy sea scallops wrapped in bacon or deviled eggs as a tasty low FODMAP appetizer. You could always whip up some of my FODMAP-friendly hummus too!

Buffalo chicken meatballs are a new family favorite! buffalo chicken meatballs

Main entree: Why, turkey, of course!  (no FODMAPs here!)

Stuffing: Check out my stuffing recipe here! Or maybe give Gillian’s stuffing a try–looks fairly low FODMAP to me.

Gravy:  Make a homemade gravy with the drippings, homemade chicken broth and  thicken with cornstarch, brown rice flour or potato starch (salt and pepper to taste).

Veggies:  Mash up some white potatoes with a bit of garlic infused oil and lactose free milk, sautéed green beans, maple syrup drizzled carrots, and/or perhaps a ½ sweet potato topped with a little maple syrup, dash of cinnamon and chopped walnuts.  Or maybe my Autumn Salad recipe?  I love the maple Dijon dressing on this salad….yummmmmy!Autumn Salad with Starfruit

Cranberry sauce: Choose a product made with sugar not high fructose corn syrup—look for organic brands. Or better yet, make your own cranberry orange relish with fresh cranberries, orange and a hint of sugar.IMG_5947

Dessert: Lactose free pudding such as coconut milk quinoa pudding, lactose free ice cream, chocolate dipped strawberries or meringue cookies.

quinoa pudding

I do hope you enjoy your turkey day! I am feeling quite thankful that I will see all of my three kids for the holiday!  What are you thankful for?