Cranberry Nut Butter

I am not crazy about the cold weather…How about you?

Look who showed up this morning?

Yup…Mr. Jack Frost! Ugh….Image 1Last night we bought our Christmas tree.  Decorating the tree brings back so many memories of years gone by….when picking out the holiday tree took quite a while with 5 different personalities intent on finding the ‘right one’.  This year, it was just Russ, Brennan and I.  It took about 5 minutes to find the tree.  We did good…it looks great and certainly is getting us all in the holiday spirit!

This morning I was feeling a bit stressed.  My printer wouldn’t work {ugh} and my business voice message system needed to be upgraded {double ugh}.  I am not a fan of technology based problems and upgrades…It gets me frustrated.  But….in life we do have choices.relax:stress

So…I decided to take a break from my work and go for a run with my furry friend, Lucy.  Talk about a game changer…I went from grumpy to silly in no time at all.  Lucy has that way about her.  And exercise is such a great way to turn you from upside down…to right side up!lucy and kate

Today, I thought I would whip up some tasty nut butter.  I have a Vitamix {Thanks Russ!} and this thing whips up just about anything.  I am loving the new nut butters on the market with seeds, nuts, fruits, chocolate….so fun.ready to blend

Today, I made a cranberry, almond, walnut and peanut butter blend.  I topped some on my rice cakes…and it made a great post workout snack. If you have a heavy duty mixer that can make nut butters…I say give it a whirl.  There is nothing quite as tasty as freshly made warm nut butter.  Really it’s great!nut butter