Savory Stuffing: Gluten free and FODMAP friendly

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Last week I received some product samples from Udi’s. Udi’s is the maker of many very tasty gluten free breads, cereals, pizza crusts and more. Many of their products are not only gluten free but also #FODMAP friendly.

As many of you are aware, as a registered dietitian, I work with people with digestive health issues.  Many of my clients can’t tolerate eating any wheat, barley and rye.

With the upcoming holiday, I am salivating just thinking about a big dish of delicious turkey, gravy and of course, my personal Thanksgiving fav, stuffing.  I thought I might use the Udi’s French Baguettes and Whole Grain rolls to make up some gluten free stuffing!

In my previous post, I used one of Udi’s gluten free dinner rolls to make up a nice breakfast sandwich.  Even Russ enjoyed a crust-less quiche on a Udi’s roll….and he has a stomach made of steel.  {Lucky}

Wonder if he could even tell? 

To make the stuffing, I started with a bit of olive oil, butter, celery and chopped onion (fodmapers: sub in green part of scallion for onion) and cooked over medium heat until the veggies were fork tender. 

 {FODMAPers sub in chopped green scallion for the onion in the recipe.}

And added Bell’s Seasoning, a dash of salt and pepper.

Here’s a picture of the  Udi’s French Baguettes and Whole Grain rolls I used for this recipe. 

Of course, for those without any diet constraints–feel free to sub in your favorite bread in this recipe.

Instead of stuffing a turkey with this savory stuffing, I rolled the stuffing mixture into a tennis ball shape and popped them into a buttered muffin tin.  A perfect serving size…really!  The stuffing has a light crust and is moist and perfect on the inside.

Look at these savory stuffing balls all cooked and ready to gobble right up…

Do you have any great gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes to share?

My recipe is inspired by the recipe my Mom always made for our Thanksgiving dinner …found right on the Bell’s Seasoning Box!

9 replies on “Savory Stuffing: Gluten free and FODMAP friendly

  • katescarlata

    Carol -those breads and cookies look great and gluten free…but unfortunately they use bean flours and soy flour in the bread so not low FODMAP. Perhaps some of their products will meet the low FODMAP diet guidelines too?!
    It’s nice to see new gluten free options becoming available throughout the US…a move in the right direction!

  • Kristin

    Hello! I was just curious if you had an amount in cups of the bread that is needed? I have about 4 gluten free sandwich rolls I want to use up for a stuffing and am trying to equate…


  • Kathryn deNiverville

    I have followed many many different diets over the past 4 decades to find a way feel better. Just came back from a consultation with a leading edge pharmacist after doing a 28 day detox diet and was given the info on the FODMAP plan for IBS. Your contact info was on the handout. I can do this diet easily. My concern is the products on it that are known to be GMO such as corn, wheat, soy. What are you thoughts about these supposedly inflammation inducing grains? So many things to consider.

    • katescarlata

      You can do the low FODMAP diet and minimize GMOs. Unfortunately there are many nuances in the food supply that we’d all be afraid to eat if we worried about everything, right. I just try to control what I can.
      I try to eat whole foods as my primary diet and limit processed foods. I choose organic corn products without GMOs. Soy and wheat are limited on the low FODMAP diet anyway.

  • Jac

    Hello! This year I tried Whole Foods Gluten-free bakehouse stovetop stuffing… I added celery and chicken sausage and it was so good that everyone ditched the poor sad gluten filled stuffing sitting on the table.

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