Can you say Bonnievilles Power Cookies rock?

For those of us with a little bitty sweet tooth, I have found a portable FODMAP friendly snack that you  just might enjoy…and, it was right in my own backyard!  Well, not literary in my backyard but baking up in a local Massachusetts kitchen.

I love supporting local businesses and it makes me really happy to support a woman on a mission to create a sweet treat with real ingredients that my patients can eat and most likely enjoy without consequence.  So for the gluten free crowd and my FODMAP peeps…be on the lookout for these GREAT cookies, Bonnievilles Power Cookies.  They are the brain child of Bonnie Clancy and yes, her cookie business, in many ways, is her baby….a growing baby that is!

These cookies are fab.bonnieville cookies

My personal favorite–the one covered with a smattering of coconut (coconut almond)….YUMMO!

Bonnievilles Power Cookies come in 6 flavors:  coconut almond, cinnamon ginger, cocoa cocoa, chocolate mint, peanut butter caramel, and salty peanut.

Here are some freshly baked cookies straight from the oven…bonnieville cookies from the oven

The cocoa cocoa are truly tasty too.  choc bonnievilles

If you want to learn more about Bonnieville’s and Bonnie Clancy’s story, Click here!

These cookies are found at local Massachusetts retailers including:

           Whole Foods Markets
            City Feed and Supply
            Harvest Coop
            Hingham and Milton Fruit Centers
            Juice Boston
            Pemberton Farms
            Debra’s Natural Gourmet
            The Blue Glass Cafe
            Good Health Natural Foods
            Winstons gift baskets

But with such a great product, be on the lookout for them Nationwide…, if I was a ‘betting woman’ I would say they will be at a grocer near you REAL soon!

Here’s a picture I posted on Instagram of Bonnievilles Power cookies displayed at my local Whole Foods market.  Hey, if you are on instagram, follow me too @katescarlata.  I love ‘instagraming” pictures! Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 8.48.41 AM

FODMAPers, these cookies contain brown rice syrup but one in which there is no excess fructose (per manufacturer) so should not pose a problem with your low FODMAP diet.  Of course, tolerance may vary amongst individuals.  Many of clients have tried these cookies and they have been well tolerated.

Disclaimer:  Bonnie shared cookie samples for my clients to enjoy.  And, of course, I raided her cookies too.  Thanks Bonnie for sharing your delicious  power cookies with me! YUM!

13 replies on “Can you say Bonnievilles Power Cookies rock?

  • Briana

    Hi Kate! Speaking of sweet snacks…
    I LOVE peanut butter pretzel nuggets! I know nutritionally they arent great but yolo. However everytime I eat particular brands, I get really upset, even if it is just a serving. I am usually good with the trader joe’s brand but not the H.K. Anderson brand.

    The ingredients are as follows…
    enriched wheat flour
    peanut butter (peanuts, molasses and monoglycerides and diglycerides as emulsifiers)
    vegetable oil canola oil corn oil soy bean oil
    malt leavening
    sodium bicarbonate
    ammonium bicarbonate

    now I ask only because not sure if it is a wheat sensitivity …or one of the other ingredients like molasses. Please let me know if fellow IBS sufferers have encountered this problem as well.

    • katescarlata

      Could be molasses. Wheat of course is a source of FODMAPs. Small amounts of wheat are tolerated for many–Monash allows 1/4 cup of regular wheat pretzels. I wonder if the Trader Joe pretzels have less wheat–they are thinner and so less concentrated in wheat. Similar to eating an piece of bread or a piece of bagel….the bagel has much more wheat because it weighs more. Can you follow what I am trying to articulate? 🙂

      • Briana

        YES! I also dont think that the Trader Joe’s brand has any molasses. It has fewer ingredients as well. Should I get that brand and compare the nutrition? Would I look at carbs ? or ingredients? I am aiming to go a minimally processes as possible and also to be LOW in FODMAPS. If I am going to eat them, I want to eat the best ones I can find.

  • Briana

    The trader joe’s brands list ingredients as follows:

    enriched unbleached flour
    peanut butter: peanuts, salt and sugar monoglycerides and diglycerides
    pam oil
    corn syrup yeast bicarbonates and carbonates of sodium

    • katescarlata

      Briana, the TD brand looks a bit lower in carbs. From what I gathered online –and since FODMAPs are carbs–perhaps, the lower amount is allowing for better tolerance. But –they do contain wheat –so portion control is key and listening to your body as well!
      It’s important to look at ingredients primarily and avoid FODMAP ingredients. And yes, relying less on processed foods is key for all of us…I trust Mother Nature more than the local food manufacturer.

      • Briana

        Agreed Kate! Thanks so much! Love your blog and your constant positive outlook on life! Will play around with it to find out if in smaller amounts they work for me or not. But so grateful for the advice! Nothing beats whole foods though, will give you that!!!

  • Nicole

    Any idea whether we can buy these online? I would love to try them, but I am in the Midwest. I have not seen them in my local Whole Foods store.

  • Lora

    You know, I seem to have a big problem with malt…that seems to be the ingredient difference in your pretzels, maybe that’s it for you too.

    • Briana

      Oddly, I thought it was that more than anything else. That and the molasses!
      I am usually very good with wheat!

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