Seared Cabbage Wedges

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I hope everyone is surviving the holiday season…

As a holiday gift, Russ and I gave to each other a trip to Portsmouth, New Hampshire for two nights to regroup, relax, and unwind a bit before the new year.Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a quaint historic seaport with great shops and restaurants.russ portsmouth

We relaxed in the outdoor hot tub at the Wentworth by the Sea, and enjoyed a therapeutic massage.  A true break from our busy lives.  So…nice.

Portsmouth was still dressed in the holiday spirit and the window boxes were so beautiful!

window box

We took some time to create our 2013 bucket list–including a plan to book an overnight each quarter of 2013 so we can unwind and explore together.   We also included in our 2013 bucket list some adventures such as biking the Cape Cod canal, hiking Mount Monadnock and to complete a Color Run. We made sure we put dates on our calendar for our adventures….I find when I put plans in my calendar, we are more likely to complete our goal. We included a charity section on our bucket list too, to remember those that are less fortunate than us. We, of course, included a wellness section and a work/career section too.

Have you made your 2013 bucket list yet?

As much as we enjoyed our time away….It’s always good to come home.  We loaded up the house full of healthy groceries and I am ready to start cooking up some nourishing meals!

Today, since I had some cabbage from my winter share from Tangerini’s farm, I decided to make up some seared cabbage.  Just a nice and new way to enjoy cabbage! Mmmm…check out this cabbage.cabbage done

Common cabbage just got the ‘Green light’ from Monash University… courtesy of their new low FODMAP diet app.  Cabbage is a good source of Vitamin C.  As a member of the cruciferous family, cabbage is rich in cancer-fighting phytochemicals too.cabbage

Searing cabbage is quite easy.  Chop up the cabbage into little wedges or 3/4 inch thick pieces and perhaps add a bit of cabbage

It browns up so nice!browning up

Season with either a drizzle of balsamic vinegar (FODMAP cut off for Balsamic is just 1 Tablespoon per serving!) or soy sauce depending on your preference.  

And here’s to a wonderful New Year to you and yours!


10 replies on “Seared Cabbage Wedges

  • EA-The Spicy RD

    What a wonderful mini vacation-I could be jealous, but I am tagging along with my husband on a business trip to Key West in February, so don’t feel too sorry for me 🙂 I just posted my bucket list too and already crossed one thing off my list! Love the idea of seared cabbage-I usually eat it raw, but this sounds very yummy. I hope you have a fabulous new year Kate!!

  • Sophia

    Cabbage is one of those foods that I am just too afraid to try. The Monash app did have some very interesting reveals. Experimentation and time will tell. I am so curious how they test for these carbohydrates. Thank you for sharing your recipes. Happy new year to you Kate.

    • katescarlata

      Sophia, I know what you are saying about the cabbage. I was a bit hesitant to try it myself. Brussels sprouts definitely bother me but I love ’em. I didn’t ‘chow’ the cabbage but I definitely enjoyed it –and no reaction! But as we all know…we are all a bit different so do what suits you and your body! 🙂

  • Mary

    Hi Kate,

    I didn’t know cabbage was allowed on the diet. I think I will give it a try. Brussels sprouts really bother me but cabbage may be OK.

    Do you know if winter squash is FODMAP friendly? I’ve seen lists that say butternut squash should be limited to 1/2 cup but I haven’t seen any information on other types of winter squash.


  • Christine

    Hi Kate,

    I love your blog and admire how much time you take to answer all the questions that come in. To go along with the post from Mary, do you know if other types of squash are Fodmap friendly, specifically spaghetti squash? I have a great recipe that I’d love to make but I’m not sure about the squash.


    • katescarlata

      Christine, I am not sure about Spaghetti squash=it has not been tested yet. But, I can say that clients have tried it and it was well tolerated. So it might be worth giving it a trial.

  • Dorris

    I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to ask this question but here goes.
    You mention King Arthur and Namaste all purpose flour. I have tried Better Batter with good results. Do you feel it is okay on the Fodmap diet?

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