Here’s to YOU in 2013!

Oh boy…another new year is around the corner.

What did you accomplish in 2012? Any great feats? Any new adventures? Any ‘firsts’..first time running, skiing, flying in a hot air balloon, trying a new food?quote parker

(Picture above from Love Life 2009 Compendium compiled by D Zadra & K Wills)

One of my goals for 2012, was to accomplish some public speaking events–talking about my near and dear topic, FODMAPs.

This really is a HUGE accomplishment for me.  You see…I was the little red headed, freckled girl who was completely mortified to speak in front of a group.

I may not look so shy…but I was… 🙂

kate kid pic

I would secretly pray not to be called on in class.  I vividly remember having to make a presentation in class and my ears got so red they were hot! YIKES!

But that was then, and this is now.

We are all works in progress.

And my public speaking is definitely a work in progress for me…quote henry james

I have worked really hard to just be me and speak my heart in front of a group.

I was asked to speak at the Massachusetts Dietetic Spring convention in the spring of 2012.

My talk, about FODMAPs, was so full(standing room only) that they had to turn people away. And I did a pretty good job!   What’s even better…  They asked me back to speak in 2013!

So that is my big 2012 accomplishment. Yup, I am proud of me! Right now I have 6 talks scheduled for 2013 and I am waiting to hear if I have been accepted for the 7th one!

Now it’s your turn. What have you done in 2012 that maybe you thought you’d never do?  If you can’t think of something…then maybe 2013 is your year of personal adventure or time to accomplish a personal goal.dr seus

(Picture above from Seuss-isms 1997 Random House)

“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way.”

~Dr. Seuss

As I gear up for 2013, I hope to live a bit more with intention than by the seat of my pants.  Relax a bit more, stretch a bit more, worry a little less, and spend more time with those that make me happy.  And you?




4 replies on “Here’s to YOU in 2013!

    • katescarlata

      Wow…Jackie…that is so awesome! I traveled to Australia to attend a FODMAP class in Melbourne at Monash U–furthest I have ever traveled…but didn’t get to the Great Barrier reef….BUT I hope to get there someday! Thanks for sharing!!

    • katescarlata

      I am speaking at the Massachusetts Dietetic Association Spring convention, a Lahey clinic gastroenterology meeting in Cape Cod, another professional gastroenterology meeting in Huntington beach, two talks for the Yankee Congress Dental meeting…and a couple more. All talks geared toward the medical (and dental) professional…whew. I will be busy this year!

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