Latest on FODMAPs

I know all of you that follow my blog are not ‘all about FODMAPs’ so bear with me while I just provide some well-needed updates to my FODMAP peeps.

Last week, I was BEYOND excited when I found a little brown envelope addressed to me…all the way from Australia!

Last September I was very fortunate to travel to Melbourne, Australia and meet Jane Muir, the head of  FODMAP research at Central Clinical School, Monash University.  Jane was SO kind to send me the 3rd edition of the low FODMAP diet booklet.  This book provides all the FODMAP basics and the latest in foods that are allowed or not allowed on the diet. To me, this booklet is like GOLD!  I love learning more and more about FODMAPs.

Here I am with Jane (second on the left) in the laboratory where many of the FODMAP analysis was done.  Their lab recently moved which has put some of the testing at a standstill.  Yes, we are still waiting on chocolate and coffee.

I highly recommend that all FODMAP dietitians and followers purchase this little booklet. Why?  For one, the proceeds are used to fund more research and there is plenty more foods to be analyzed, including foods from around the world.

Secondly, you will have all the latest info. in one little handy booklet.

The latest booklet provides a few tips for the vegetarian FODMAP follower.  And just to provide a few new kids on the block: nori seaweed and tempeh made the low FODMAP diet for vegetarians.  Another new tip included in the booklet– Soy milks made from ‘soy protein’ tend to be lower in GOS than those made with ‘whole soybeans’.   BUT there is a bunch more…so BUY the booklet!  Here is the link!

It’s not cheap to send the booklet across the globe, so for those of us in the US there is a price to pay to get the booklet to you.  BUT, I think it’s worth it.

My other lastest project is to compile a list of brand name product labels to help my clients find appropriate foods. It’s quite cute, don’t’ you think?    If you have found a FODMAP friendly product that you JUST LOVE…please, please share…and leave a comment on the blog.

I hope to get a few of the new Aussie low FODMAP booklets as give-a-ways on the blog…so check on back if you’d like a chance to win!

Until later…bye!

UPDATE!!! I reached out to Jane Muir and we have some GREAT news! Reduced postage rates to order the new booklet!  FODMAP Booklet—3rd Edition Order Form

And the new composition info due out in September is slated to be downloadable!