Zucchini Breakfast Cake

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I do love zucchini, do you?

I love the name, it has a bit of an Italian ring to it?

Well that’s because, zucchini comes from the Italian word “Zucca” that means squash…and ‘ini’ at the end  means small….so zucchini means small squash. My father in law, Tony used to grow zucchini but these were NO little squashes…Tony grew the biggest zucchinis I have ever seen!

August in New England means that all your local farm stands are bursting with bushels of zucchini.  And that’s okay with me because, really, I can’t get enough.  I love these little squashes. One of my favorite ways to enjoy zucchini is in a bread…no surprise there…’cause I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth (don’t tell anybody).  But hey, adding a bit of vegetables to a sweet bread makes it healthy right?

Well, I decided I would try to make a zucchini cake.  Sounds a bit healthy and unhealthy all at the same time, huh?  Please join me and welcoming my newest recipe, Zucchini Breakfast Cake!

When I get creative in the kitchen, it can go either way.  Sometimes my creation is a hit and sometimes a complete flop.  This time, I created a hit.  Yum! Zucchini Breakfast Cake–because life is too short not to eat cake for breakfast!

First grate up some zucchini, I do this the old fashioned way with a hand grater.

I tossed in a bit of unsweetened shredded coconut just ’cause.

I also added just a drizzle of glaze.  I went for a little almond flavored glaze this time around.

And well the rest is history.  I would like to say, I made this cake and put it aside for breakfast tomorrow….but instead, I had my zucchini breakfast cake right before I ate me dinner.




5 replies on “Zucchini Breakfast Cake

  • katescarlata

    A nice frosting glaze…just a little drizzle over the cake….And I think I could have upped the zucchini content too–at first I thought 2 cups would be enough but you could even try a bit more.

  • Claire Clark

    Yummy, I made this last night and have had some for my lunch. I put im more zucchini..probably 3 cups as that is what I had and its still yummy. The cocnut gives a slightly unusual texture but its def a make again.

    Will look forward to trying it out on my children after school!

  • Katrina

    This cake is yummy…in the uk there is a recipe that uses a lemon curd drizzle. It goes really well with courgettes (zuccinhi). Expensive lemon curd seems to be low fodmap…that is what my dietician has told me…

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