Experimenting in the Kitchen

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I love cooking and get very easily inspired to try new recipes. This past weekend we visited with Russ’ parents and my father-in-law, Tony shared a new gadget he had for his television that provided all sorts of recipes.

I saw a picture of what looked like French Fries and when I took a closer look,  it was asparagus dipped in bread crumbs and then baked! Hmmmm….I thought I would try a version of this recipe with Parmesan cheese and whole-wheat bread crumbs and we liked them! [ Asparagus is NOT FODMAPs friendly…but with some zucchini and GF bread crumbs it is low in FODMAPs] Here’s the asparagus before it hit the oven!

WE decided this recipe was a keeper. I will definitely try with other veggies.

I also tried to make a goat cheese appetizer yesterday…because this is how I spend my free time!!??!

This also came out pretty great but the whole “goat cheese” notion did not appeal to my kids. This is more of a ‘ladies get-together’ appetizer. (and is low FODMAP, for those who are wondering)

The past 2 weeks, I took some time off  from seeing clients to get much needed paperwork done.

Instead, I painted my backdoor…
mulched the yard…
I cleaned out our freezer and made a few homemade cards…

and I was even on television for the first time!! How cool is that? I spoke about the crazy K-E diet! Have you heard of this? Do a google search….C-R-A-Z-Y!

I did get a lot of work done in-between but not as much as I envisioned. Boy, can I get side tracked!?

I tried to be easy on myself, take it down a notch from my usual frenzied life and lived by this motto, which is a great sign Russ bought for our house. The artist who made this wonderful sign can be found  here.  I love her style!
Do you get encumbered with your old nonsense?  Ha!

When was the last time you took a break from your usual routine?

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