Rich and Tasty Gluten-free chocolate brownies

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NEW info:  Cocoa powder should be limited to ~3 teaspoons per serving SO limit to 1 small brownie!

I love trying new recipes that I know my clients with digestive health issues can enjoy.  And gluten free treats can be super expensive and rarely taste super awesome. One of my clients shared her gluten free brownie recipe and as I do all my recipes I tweaked it a bit.  Potato starch is one of those ingredients you probably would not even look at unless you have to give up wheat, and then, it might just become one of your favorite staples.

I decided to add some of my coconut oil to the recipe even though it originally didn’t call for it.  I love the smell of the coconut oil and knew it would add an extra zest to the recipe.  And I hate to brag, but I was right. 🙂 He! He!


The brownie came out so rich and chocolate-y with a hint of coconut.  Nice, right?  If you are not a fan of coconut, simply use one of your favorite cooking oils.  I also added some walnuts.  I love walnuts in my brownies…but if you’re not a fan, just don’t add any.

This gluten free and FODMAP friendly brownie recipe is a keeper.

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  • Ashley

    I just popped these in the oven and can’t wait to try them! The batter tasted great! I made a few alterations though because of what I had on hand.

    I made sure to use real dutch-processed high-quality cocoa powder. Yum!

    I used oat flour instead of potato startch.

    I only used 3/4 cup of sugar and added 8 drops of stevia extract.

    I used brown sugar instead of white… just because I like it better.

    I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  • Emily

    Hi Kate,

    I was just, yesterday, told that I should follow a LOW FODMAPs diet to help me with the extreme IBS symptoms I have been feeling for the last few months. Your site had been a great resource to me already as I panic over what the heck I CAN eat. This brownie recipe looks great – I have read conflicting advice on Cocoa powder – do you find that people with IBS can tolerate it OK?


    • katescarlata

      Chocolate is a tricky one. The Monash team have not released the latest info on chocolate (and I just emailed them today again about it..still no new info yet.) Chocolate and Kale are the most common questions…and still we await! BUT I find that many of my IBS clients can tolerate chocolate as long as it is not overdone. So perhaps try one gluten free brownie–not the whole batch 🙂 and see how you feel. I was trying to find the original study info, but from what I remember one of the key FODMAP research articles by Jaci Barrett actually used a cocoa drink as one of the low FODMAP beverages…but of course, when I am looking for something I can’t find it…ugh! It can be a gastric irritant…so if you feel comfortable try a small amount–a few chocolate chips or perhaps a brownie and see how you feel.
      On another note, you mention ‘extreme IBS’ symptoms–and that always makes me think small intestinal bacterial overgrowth….so if you have not had that tested yet, I encourage you to look into the testing…it is a breath test using lactulose (not lactose). So many of my patients have tested positive (including me) so it is an important test.

  • lia

    What can i use in place of potato starch? I can’t use nightshade products – they cause my migraines. Should i use tapioca starch (cassava)?

  • Cathy Teitelbaum

    Not only do I have IBS, but I have been trying to diet! Sugar is not my friend! Any suggestions?

    • katescarlata

      Oh Cathy…try to snack on acceptable veggies: carrots, cucumbers, red pepper strips. If you get a bit of a sweet tooth, try vanilla Green Valley (lactose free) yogurt with a few strawberries and a sprinkle of nuts OR small amounts of dark chocolate chips with sliced bananas and a tablespoon of peanut butter or 3/4 tablespoon of almond butter is a nice treat too. Work with a dietitian to help you manage your weight and IBS. Weight management and IBS-C do seem to be connected. Constipated patients seem to have more methane producing microbes and these microbes are also linked with obesity or higher body mass index. What I have found with some of my clients-with the low FODMAP diet and treatment for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth…the weight finally starts coming off! So interesting, huh?

  • Lisa R

    Hi Kate,
    I’m finally going to try cocoa. Can’t wait to try these brownies. Please clarify though. When making the low Fodmaps version, do I use just 3 heaping teaspoons of cocoa for the whole recipe?
    Thanks, Lisa R.

  • Lisa R

    Hi Kate,
    I’m ready to try cocoa powder and can’t wait to try these brownies! Please clarify, though: for the low fodmaps version, do I just use 3 heaping tsps. of cocoa for the whole recipe? Thanks, Lisa R

    • katescarlata

      Hey Lisa! I just updated the post to hopefully make it a bit more clear. Make the recipe as written but keep your portion to one brownie which should keep your cocoa intake at an appropriate amount per sitting.

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