Dietitian-approved low FODMAP brand name foods

It’s not easy navigating a low FODMAP diet, at least in the beginning.  Label reading, looking for tasty wheat-free foods, dining out…it can be a bit overwhelming!  To streamline the process,  I decided to share a few of my favorite  low FODMAP brand name foods that are available  in the USA- at least the  Boston area or perhaps even online for purchase.

BE sure to check ingredients ALWAYs, however, as manufacturers can change their ingredients at anytime!

Of course, always start with whole foods first.  There are plenty low FODMAP and gluten-free natural whole foods to enjoy!  This picture was taken at  Monash University’s Dietitian’s Seminar that I attended this September.  All the foods provided for us were low FODMAP 🙂  Look at this tasty low FODMAP fruit plate!

Foods that are carbohydrate free such as oils and meats-poultry, fish, lean beef- are all low FODMAP too!

But sometimes, we need to rely on a few packaged foods too, so here are a few that may make life a bit easier for you and your sensitive tummy.

For starters, I like Udi’s white bread. This is a picture straight out of the freezer so maybe it doesn’t look very enticing. But, really it tastes terrific.I know, I know, it breaks all previous rules to eat white bread BUT it’s hard to find a good whole grain low FODMAP bread that tastes good, at least from my experience.  So, for now, I recommend Udi’s white sandwich bread.  It makes a tasty grilled cheddar cheese and tomato sandwich and is equally yummy with a smear of all-natural peanut butter or even almond butter. Udi’s also has pizza crusts that are very popular and meet the low FODMAP and gluten free criteria.

I recommend  nut butters that contain just nuts and maybe a bit of salt.  That’s all you really need.  Watch out for some varieties that add honey! {A FODMAP, no-no!}

Whole foods almond butter is quite simple and yummy too.

My clients really like EviroKidz Gorilla Munch. This slightly sweet cereal is wheat free and tasty too.  Use a bit of rice milk, almond milk or lactose free milk and you have a belly friendly start to your day.

Erewhon gluten free crispy rice and corn flakes are two more of my favorite low FODMAP morning cereal staples too.  

These corn flakes work great in place of bread crumbs! Just crumble them up and “bread” your chicken!

Looking to bake a quiche or pie for the holidays?  Try these FODMAP friendly and gluten free pie crusts at your local Whole Foods–this is their Gluten Free Bakehouse product located in the freezer section.

I also like Real Foods corn thins.  Many of my clients use them in place of bread to make a sandwich.  I like ’em best with peanut butter and Sarabeth’s strawberry rhubarb jam!  {also low FODMAPs}

 They are like a rice cake but made from corn are very thin, thus the name!  These are great with nut butters, or perhaps made into a turkey sandwich.

Feel like baking, my favorite easy to use gluten free and low FODMAPs all-purpose flour blend is Namaste’s perfect flour blend.  Use in your favorite banana bread recipe and no one will know the difference.

And if you are looking for a little salt and crunch with your corn thin sandwich, try a handful of glutino pretzels.  Yup, these little pretzels are wheat free and a tasty treat!

My favorite low FODMAP and gluten free cracker is Blue Diamond’s Almond nut thins. NOT all varieties fit the low FODMAP criteria-but the original almond variety are low FODMAPs and gluten-free AND really, they are yum!

This little yogurt, Green Valley Lactose free yogurt, is a client favorite! Top off with some blueberries and a tablespoon or two of sliced almonds–mmmmmm!

To cap off the day with a sweet treat, my personal favorites…Aleia’s peanut butter cookies.

OOOh very good.

Have you found any favorite Low FODMAP Brand name foods? Please share!!