Pre-order the book, Mind Your Gut for exclusive extra content

hello friends!

I just wanted to share that if you pre-order my latest co-authored book before March 4th–you gain access to some exclusive free content.

Mind Your Gut: The Science-based, Whole-body Guide to Living Well with IBS written by me along with my esteemed colleague, GI psychologist, Dr. Megan Riehl provides a comprehensive holistic approach to managing IBS symptoms.

Mind Your Gut offers everything from science-based interventions, targeted mind-body behavioral strategies (such as body relaxation methods and stress management skills), as well as delicious gut-soothing recipes and nutrition tips to quell troubling digestive woes. You will also find information on symptom-specific diet, supplement, behavioral and lifestyle tips– plus so much more!

We have an exciting PRE-ORDER opportunity for you when you order, Mind Your Gut, before or on March 4, 2024… you will receive exclusive content including:

  • A beautiful gut-friendly recipe booklet featuring low FODMAP recipes
  • A Mind Your Gut Food and Lifestyle Tracker that you can copy and re-use
  • Specific nutrition, lifestyle, medication and supplement tips for GI symptom management of diarrhea and/or constipation

Simply order Mind Your Gut in any format (hardcover, ebook or audiobook) from any retailer and then fill out the following form (which will require a copy of your receipt) and you will receive the extra bonus material.

You can purchase Mind Your Gut on Amazon using my affiliate link. This provides a small commission to me–but at no extra cost to you.

Thanks for your continued support!  Dr. Riehl and I poured our love and hard work into this book to provide people living with IBS a full toolbox of strategies to living well with irritable bowel syndrome.

In other exciting news, Dr. Riehl and I have started a podcast called, The Gut Health Podcast–you can find us on most podcast platforms such as Apple podcasts and Spotify. On the first day of release for Episode 1– we were in the top 100 of health podcasts on Apple!  We are blown away by the interest and positive feedback. Check us out for science-based information on all gut health topics!