Upcoming Exciting News and Programs!

Hello Friends!

Just a quick hello to share some news!

First off, my new book, Mind Your Gut: The Science-based, Whole-body Guide to Living Well with IBS is available for preorder! The publication date is March 5, 2024. I co-wrote this book with GI psychologist Dr. Megan Riehl and it is a first of its kind, a holistic guide to managing irritable bowel syndrome.


Some key topics include: IBS: the gut, brain and food connection, IBS-friendly meal planning with gut soothing recipes, how changing your thoughts can change your gut, how to feed your gut microbiome, and making sane food choices in a food-fear and weight-obsessed culture…and so much more! Buy now on Amazon here.

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Also, I will be joining Tuesday Night IBS to discuss all things about IBS with diarrhea predominance in this upcoming webinar. This program is suitable for GI practitioners and individuals living with IBS-D. This will be a fun and informative discussion. Register here!

In case you missed it, register for webinar here!

And last but not least….I am starting a podcast with my colleague Dr. Megan Riehl!

We hope you will join us to learn all about gut health! We will be joined by leading GI experts to discuss all topics related to the gut–from the mind-gut connection, the role of diet and the gut microbiome, bloating, constipation, what are common IBS mimickers, and of course, everything you ever wanted to know about poop!

Subscribe now to the podcast…our trailer is up and our first podcast will go live in February.

Have a great weekend friends, here’s to a happy + healthy 2024.