Chocolate Chip Shortbread (Low FODMAP + gluten free)

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Hooray for Cookie Season!

I love this time of year as it conjures up great memories of eating MANY of my Mom’s baked goods during the holidays. More recently, I love my annual cookie baking for the holidays with with my daughter! We try some new recipes and some of my Mom’s to make the holidays delicious and special.

I have always been a baker. I love the process of baking, I find it very relaxing. How about you?

Truth be told, I am a hot mess in the kitchen. I enjoy it–but I am not a “clean as you go” kind of gal. Typically, I have flour all over the place and the kitchen looks like the aftermath of a tornado. But, it’s the small price (my husband-ha!) has to pay for delicious baked goods, right?

Today, I am sharing my modified version of Alison Roman’s easy to make and ridiculously delicious Salted Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies, the original recipe can be found here.

Russ and I love my Low FODMAP version.

It’s an easy recipe to play around with –I will share my take on it. I am not a big flaked sea salt girl with my chocolate. I know many people love it–and the original recipe adds it. Feel free to add a bit if that is your thing.

The recipe suggests to cut the chips (rough chopped) trying not to create “shards” of chocolate. I am not gonna lie here, I love the shards (thinly sliced chocolate) –and add it all in. You definitely need chunks too…but don’t fear adding a few shards.

If shortbread isn’t your jam, give my flourless chocolate cookies a try. These too, are easy to make and a fav! Recipe here.


3 replies on “Chocolate Chip Shortbread (Low FODMAP + gluten free)

  • Melinda

    Hi Kate. Thanks for another delicious low FODMAP recipe. These look delicious. Do you think this cookie dough, minus the chocolate, would roll out. I have a pinwheel cookie recipe that I would love to make low FODMAP.

  • K Davey

    I chilled these, but decided to let them thaw a little to help with slicing. Otherwise they just crumbled. The rock the knife tip was definitely helpful!

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