Dietitian Deep Dive announces Upcoming Series on Sucrase Isomaltase Deficiency

Hello Friends,

I love keeping on top of the latest nutrition and GI topic “pulse” and what has sparked my interest in the last several years is the potential diagnosis of sucrase isomaltase deficiency (SID) in adults.

Sucrase isomaltase is a digestive enzyme complex produced in the small intestine. Like lactase, which is a digestive enzyme that helps our body digest the milk sugar, lactose, sucrase isomaltase is responsible for sucrose (table sugar) and about 60% of starch digestion.

Sucrase is the only enzyme in humans to break down sucrose into its digestible components, glucose and fructose. Starches can be broken down by a few different human enzymes, including: sucrase isomaltase, maltase-glucoamylase and alpha-amylases. For this reason, a deficiency in sucrase-isomaltase will definitely impact sucrose digestion, but may have varying impact on starch tolerance.

Recent advances in genetic screening of IBS patients have found rare SI gene variants that are associated with irritable bowel syndrome. The primary symptoms of sucrose isomaltase deficiency include:  abdominal pain or discomfort, bloating and osmotic (often acidic) diarrhea.  In other words, the symptoms of IBS-D and SID mimic each other.

As part of our continuing education series at Dietitian Deep Dive, dietitians can obtain 2 continuing education credits from CDR for attending our latest upcoming program on sucrase isomaltase deficiency.  This program is sponsored by QOL Medical. This 2 part SID series includes a pre-taped, detailed presentation by William D. Chey, MD –that I can attest, you will NOT want to miss.

In addition to the live (and recorded) programming, you will receive a patient friendly low sugar and low starch grocery list and key peer-reviewed articles on this topic for further reading.


All registrants will have access to the recordings of the live program to re-watch or watch at your own convenience. Click here to register and/or learn more.


The feedback for our last program on SIBO received rave reviews!

The 3-part SIBO (recorded version) is still available for purchase. Click here to see all programs and register.