Italian Seeded Cookies (Low FODMAP + gluten free)

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Well, hello friends. I am hopping on here to share with you a delicious recipe that my neighbor Deb (in Maine) shared with me! This is lightly sweetened cookie that pairs great with a cup of tea. I share most of my new recipes on my Instagram account–but I know some of you prefer to get my recipes here. So here you go!

I adapted the recipe to make it Low FODMAP (obviously!) and gluten free.

I love the look and taste of these Italian Seeded Cookies!

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    • katescarlata

      You just add the 1 tablespoon on milk to the dough ingredients. The egg, olive oil and 1 tablespoon of milk are the primary liquids in the dough. If you find that it’s too dry–some flour blends vary in how they work in recipes–just increase milk to 2 tablespoons. The other milk (1/2 cup) listed in the ingredients is used to dip the balls of dough in prior to dipping into the sesame seeds. I hope that helps.

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