Creamy Pumpkin Sauce with Pasta, Walnuts and Parsley

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Hello Friends, happy Friday!

I shared this delicious pumpkin sauce over pasta recipe on my Instagram this week and I thought I should provide it here as well!

This recipe is super easy and quick to make. It’s made primarily with shelf-stable ingredients you may already have on hand.  It’s a delicious gluten free and low FODMAP dish that you can enjoy as a side or main dish.

I added chopped walnuts as one of the pasta toppings to up the healthy fats, fiber and magnesium in the dish. I am all about maximizing taste and nutrition in every single bite. The canned pumpkin offers fiber and Vitamin A too! The sage and garlic infused oil in the recipe add a pop of low FODMAP flavor. This recipe makes 4 low FODMAP servings. If you are following a vegetarian or dairy free diet, you can simply delete the cheese in the recipe.

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