Breakfast Red Bell Pepper + Egg Cups (low FODMAP)

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Hello Friends,

I hope that you are staying safe, fueling your body with nourishing foods and engaging in some stress management strategies while we are in the midst of a pandemic with the corona virus.  Personally, I try to minimize my exposure to the mainstream media and stick with science-based outlets such as the to get the latest information and tips to minimize risk of this virus.  My favorite de-stress tip is listening to relaxing music rather than listening to the news 24/7.

As part of my ongoing goal to eat more plants, I made this delicious breakfast for Russ and me. These bell peppers are full of lots of goodness. I added some maple bacon, leftover roasted potatoes, egg, thyme, and chives. A little grated cheddar might be a great add too!

Red peppers do not have any detectable FODMAPs –so they make a great base for those following a low FODMAP diet. I haven’t seen data for yellow peppers yet but find my clients do tolerate them.

What’s your favorite way to add extra produce to your diet? I often add grated carrots to my homemade tomato sauce, add arugula on top of my pizza (always!), add baby spinach to by scrambled eggs, and try to double of up veggies in soups and stews, when possible.



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