Checkerboard Cookies

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Every year when my kids were little I hosted a holiday cookie swap.  I have always enjoyed baking as long as I can remember.  One year, I made these checkerboard cookies as my contribution to the cookie swap. They look complicated to make but they are pretty easy to assemble, actually.

I love the way they look and taste.

A little vanilla and a chocolate cookie–all in one bite! My original checkerboard recipe has been modified a bit to make it gluten free and low FODMAP.

Thinking back a bit to my childhood, giving sweet treats was a love language in my home. My dad kept his emotions close to the vest…but would show his love via candy. 🙂

One of my favorite childhood memories is the sound of the ice cream truck driving through my neighborhood. To be very honest, if I missed the ice cream truck because I wasn’t fast enough to flag it down to stop it near my house…it was a VERY sad summer day for me. 🙁 I seriously lived and died by the ice cream truck in the summer. Ha!  Because we always had a houseful of people (I am the youngest of nine kids), my Dad would give me twenty dollars for the ice cream truck. I would leave the ice cream truck with a box of different treats. My personal favorite was the Screwball, a frozen concoction with gum balls at the bottom on the cone shaped treat. Who leaves the ice cream truck with a box of ice creams and frozen treats? Me! The dietitian. 🙂

I enjoy a little sweet treat every day. I don’t go overboard. How about you?

If you’d like to make these cute low FODMAP checkerboard cookies, here is the recipe!