Lemon Polenta Bread with Poppy Seeds

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So, my daughter Chelsea is in Dingle, Ireland right now for her honeymoon. Dingle is a small port town on the southwest coast.

It has been so wonderful following along with her on her trip via Instagram.  And, I can’t wait to hear all about her visit when she returns home this week!

I surprised Russ with a trip to Ireland a few years back for his birthday. What prompted the trip to Ireland was the movie, P.S. I love you. Russ had seen the movie on a plane while on business travel and told me how beautiful the landscape of Ireland was in the film. We then went on to watch the movie together, (it was so sad but so good) and this prompted my surprise. In the movie, without giving it away, the male character leaves 10 messages for his loved one. I decided to do the same for Russ. I wrote up a mix of 10 hints and quotes for our upcoming trip to celebrate Russ’ birthday. I tucked each clue inside 10  envelopes. I sent the envelopes to Russ’ co-worker, who distributed them to 10 different people in the office. Russ’ boss was to deliver the last envelope at a ‘fake’ meeting he set up with Russ in his office. The envelopes were randomly handed to Russ during his day at the office 10 days prior to our trip. The last one, the final hint of our mystery trip, said, “P.S. I love you”.  And then, Russ knew his birthday destination was Ireland. :). 

I can tell you that the landscape in Ireland literally moved me to tears. It really is so overwhelmingly beautiful. Our favorite spot: the Dingle peninsula. Seeing my daughter there now– I feel the same sense of happiness as I did being there.

Russ and I stayed in a manor house in Dingle. The owners, a daughter and her Mom, said that we were “the most relaxed Americans that had ever stayed at their house.” Ha! 🙂

How does this all have to do with the title of the post, Lemon Poppy Seed Polenta Bread? Well, Chelsea posted a picture of a lemon polenta cake that looked so good from her visit in Dingle, Ireland.  I decided to try a version, modified in FODMAPs (obviously)…and friends, it is yummy! And yes, Lucy (my sweet chocolate lab) did sneak a piece!

Want to give the recipe a whirl? Here you go!



13 replies on “Lemon Polenta Bread with Poppy Seeds

  • Jerilyn

    Looks scrumptious! Which particular brand of gluten free flour did you use for this recipe? Thanks.

  • Holly

    Visiting the Dingle peninsula is on my bucket list. You’ve just moved it up a few more notches (it was already in the top 5).

    I’d like to recommend, “Fine Beauty of the Island” by Patrick Ball. He’s a Celtic harper and storyteller who wrote a one-man play based on “The Vanishing” from the Blasket Islands, off the coast of Dingle, when all the people left in 1953. There is a CD, which is full of stories and harp music.

    • katescarlata

      Oh thanks so much for the tip! Yes, do visit Dingle. It’s hard to explain–but the visit will fill your soul with peace. It was so wonderful to watch my daughter’s posts–as it was clear she felt the same way!

  • marilyn bowman

    I haven’t tried the loaf yet but certainly will. Just wanted to say I echo your thoughts on Ireland and the Dingle Peninsula. It is spectacular and the people so welcoming.
    Also thanks so much Kate for your wonderful posts and info you have been my inspiration and guide for several years now.

  • Maxine

    This recipe sounds wonderful. Yes, I visited Dingle Peninsula 13 years ago. Fabulous. My friend and I took a boat ride to the Blasket Islands where were allowed to walk briefly on the island. It was explained how there was a court case going on regarding ownership of the island.
    By the way, your site has been most helpful to me understanding my IBS symptoms.

  • dkaj

    Loved your little story about your trip and your notes. If you haven’t read Nora Robert’s she has a great series that takes place in Ireland starting with the first book called Jewels of the Sun. Actually, she has several good Irish/Ireland based trilogies. The scenery description will surely take you back to Ireland whenever you need a relaxing escape. PS. Love the lemon bread recipe.

  • Jackie

    Fell in love with Dingle when we visited Ireland a few years ago. Fell in love with Ireland and all of the kind people and knowledgeable restaurants on celiac disease and food allergies…can’t wait to return

  • Patricia Panich

    I have a big problem with fructose malopsorption, and now with gastoparisis!. Do you have suggestions how to deal with both? I’m struggling with this, my doctors don’t have any good advice? Thank You.

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