Low FODMAP Beet Tzatziki

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Hello Friends,

I hope you have been entering all the contests with gut-friendly giveaways on my Instagram account this month of IBS awareness! There are many fantastic treats!

Today, I am sharing a recipe for a picture I posted last week on my Instagram account, Low FODMAP Beet Tzatziki.

Did you know canned and pickled beets have less FODMAPs than fresh beets? It’s true!

So, I used canned beets to make this very vibrant pink dip!

What do you do with beet tzatziki? I like to use it as a dip with fresh veggies such as carrots and bell pepper strips. It also adds a fun color and flavor to my roasted chickpea taco recipe. (Use it instead of lactose free sour cream in the taco recipe).

2 replies on “Low FODMAP Beet Tzatziki

  • Jordan

    Are the oligosaccharides in beets listed under sugar, fiber, or are they just regular carbohydrate on the nutrition label. I’m wondering if beet juice or powdered beet juice would eliminate them if it removes the fiber, or if that would concentrate them if they were a sugar or other carbohydrate.

    • katescarlata

      The oligosaccharides are water-soluble–probably more in the juice! The amount of oligosaccharides is so minimal–that it might not even be on the label–but still can trigger symptoms. The cut off is just 0.2-0.3 grams!

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