New Jerky from Rachel Pauls Food

Hey Friends!

You know I am always happy to hear about more low FODMAP snacks coming to market.

So, today is a happy day for me…and I think for you too! 🙂

Today’s post is sponsored by Rachel Pauls Food.

Rachel Pauls Foodthe maker of delicious low-FODMAP Happy Bars, has just launched 2 beef jerky products that are so tasty! Jerky is a portable protein rich snack.  In fact, Rachel Pauls Food’s Happy Jerky contains 18 grams of protein per serving!  The original Happy Jerky is savory with just a hint of sweetness. The tangy Happy Jerky contains tomato to give it a slight extra kick of sweetness and tangy flavor.  Each individual serving provides about 10% of your iron needs too.

The Happy Jerky is made up of just a few ingredients. Unlike some jerky products that taste super salty and have a chemical aftertaste, Happy Jerky’s flavor profile tastes fresh and natural.

Pair Happy Jerky with a low FODMAP vitamin C source to enhance the absorption of the iron in this protein rich snack. My favorite combos:

  • Jerky + an orange
  • Jerky + red pepper strips
  • Jerky + grape tomatoes

Happy Jerky is a great snack for on the go since it does not require refrigeration prior to opening up the package. Rachel Pauls Food’s Happy Jerky is portioned perfectly with just enough for a 1 snack portion.

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