Easy Chickpea and Chicken Curry

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Hello Friends. Today’s post is a sponsored post by my friends at Casa De Sante, a purveyor of many  low FODMAP certified foods. The jarred curry sauce from Casa de Sante is so delightfully tasty and fragrant but at the same time subtle and light.

For real, this sauce will be a regular in our family rotation. 

I am all about quick and easy nourishing meals. Between work, school and spin class (with my husband, Russ), noone is home in the early evening to prepare meals that require extra time. When I get home from school or working out, I am SO ready for dinner the minute I walk in the door. Do you know that feeling? 🙂

This delicious curry sauce is perfect as a simmer sauce in your slow cooker or stove top, and can be whipped up into a delicious meal in no time. For today’s recipe, I simply add bite-size chicken breast pieces, canned chickpeas, and 1 cup of chopped tri-colored peppers along with one jar of Casa de Sante’s curry sauce to my slow cooker.

For a quick “rice solution”, I buy Trader Joe’s or other plain pre-cooked frozen varieties that reheat in a flash in the microwave.

You can eat this protein rich curry stew on its own or top over rice for a heartier meal.

What I like about Casa de Sante’s curry sauce is that it is certified low FODMAP, super tasty and made with simple, wholesome ingredients. I describe this curry as wonderfully flavorful but subtle and gentle on the tummy.

10 replies on “Easy Chickpea and Chicken Curry

  • Beth

    !! This is not the first time that I’ve said – out loud – I’d really like a good recipe for __________ and then voila, you publish one. I told my husband two days ago I wanted to find a simple chicken curry recipe and it would be neat if it could be in a slow cooker. You did it again! I immediately ordered a couple jars though want to make it now. Thank you!

  • Beth

    Two hours on low in a slow cooker for raw chicken is correct? I generally see at least six hours, or about 45 minutes on the stove top. Is the chicken first sautéed, or am I missing something, which would not be unusual? Thanks!

    • Kate Scarlata

      No, you are not missing anything here Beth. The chicken is cut into bite-size pieces and cooks fairly quickly. If you have an older slow cooker–and perhaps the “low setting” is very different than mine, it may take more or less time…just be sure chicken is cooked through! Simmered on the stove top, the bite-size pieces cook up quickly too. We often do a similar recipe with FODY foods marinara and bite size chicken pieces. Just simmering the chicken until cooked through in the sauce and then pour it all over cooked suitable pasta or rice. SOOO good. You certainly can simmer longer if you’d like. But, you don’t want the sauce to evaporate too much!

  • Kerrie

    Thank you! I have the curry sauce and was wondering what to do with it! 🙂 I am new to cooking and haven’t figured out yet what things go well together. Do you have any other suggestions on what would be good in here? We don’t do meat or dairy. What other vegetables do you think would be good in this? It was so expensive I don’t want to ruin it experimenting 🙂 Thank you for your time!

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