Low FODMAP Buffalo Chicken Dip

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Hey Friends and FODMAPers!

I am back from Chicago after a whirlwind trip to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual meeting –Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE). I was fortunate to meet up with many compassionate people working to help those suffering with IBS from food companies offering low FODMAP foods such as FODY Foods, Nestle Health Science and Green Valley Organics, my friends at Monash University, the pioneers of the low FODMAP diet as well as many dietitians working in the trenches– changing lives with solid evidence-based nutritional advice. (Disclaimer: I consult for both FODY and Nestle Health Science re: the FODMAP diet. FODY link is an affiliate link.) I also provided a talk on the use of the low FODMAP diet for the Athlete with GI Distress at FNCE…so it was a busy 2 1/2 days in Chicago!

I was thrilled to have my #IBelieveinyourStory campaign highlighted at one of the FNCE sessions.  If you are not aware of this campaign, please take a peek here to learn more! WE are gearing up to really push out this campaign next April 2018, for IBS Awareness Month. Your participation last year was amazing (thank YOU!!)…and I look forward to again to joining together to share our stories and support one another,  stop the stigma associated with IBS, and raise funds for research. The patient experience for those who suffer with IBS needs serious change. We have some work to do –and I hope you will join me in my efforts. Together, we CAN and WILL make a difference. 🙂

I also want to share a super yummy recipe with you today! This recipe features Green Valley lactose free products. Toni Fiori RDN,  my colleague and partner in crime at For a Digestive Peace of Mind ( my nutrition consulting practice), created this amazing dip for you, Low FODMAP Buffalo Chicken Dip…(my personal favorite.). A great recipe to prepare for a girl’s night out, holiday gathering or tailgate party…or maybe even lunch! 😉

If you are a fan of Buffalo chicken, you might also want to check out my Buffalo Chicken Meatballs recipe (a recipe inspired by one of my clients), which is also ah-mazing!


7 replies on “Low FODMAP Buffalo Chicken Dip

  • Jennifer

    Love your recipes! Every one of them is always a success for me. Yesterday I made your Pumpkin Crumb Cake and it is fabulous. Very moist, with a tasty flavor & was just what we were wanting on a Fall afternoon with a cup of tea. We particularly enjoyed the cocoa cinnamon filling that sets it apart from most pumpkin bread & muffin recipes. Anxious to make the chocolate avocado waffles and this buffalo chicken dip! Thank you for being a trusted reliable source of good food recipes for those of us who have tummy troubles.

  • Casey

    My boyfriend and I were JUST talking about making this! Thank you for a recipe we can both enjoy. Can’t wait to try out!

  • Anita Oleksy

    I would sure like to see a FODMAP magazine – such as the one(s) that are for gluten-free, diabetic, etc.

  • Tara | Treble in the Kitchen

    I adore Green Valley organics….so glad I found them on your site a while back. And I looobe buffalo, so this dip will surely make an appearance soon!!!

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