Vegetarian Stew with Casa de Santé

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Hello FODMAPers! Today, I have partnered with Casa de Santé to provide a sponsored post about their FODMAP friendly certified vegetable stock powder. I am always looking for more veggie rich recipe options as we could all use a bit more vegetables in our life! 🙂 This vegetarian stew was gobbled up by my boys (and me, of course!) last week.


This delicious and hearty plant-based stew is complete with just the right amount of chickpeas allowed per low FODMAP serving! Canned chickpeas are a suitable low FODMAP choice in a 1/4 cup serving size. I drained and rinsed them prior to use. Canned legumes have less GOS (FODMAPs) than dried and soaked beans, making them a better option for the FODMAPer. As you are well aware, most commercial broth products contain onion and garlic, particularly those that are vegetable based. Case de Santé created a delicious vegetable stock powder sans garlic and onion that creates a flavorful low FODMAP veggie broth in seconds: just add hot water! How easy is that?

The vegetable stock powder is made simply with carrots, salt, cucumber, parsnips, red peppers, parsley and thyme. With this flavorful broth as my base, I created a quick and easy hearty vegetarian stew with summer squash, zucchini, carrots, kale, fire-roasted tomatoes and canned chickpeas. I enjoyed a little grated parmesan and fresh basil on top of my stew but you can keep the stew vegan-friendly and opt out of adding the cheese.

The recipe below provides 8 servings of this delicious vegetarian stew!



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