One Skillet Mexican Chicken & Rice Fiesta!

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Hi Friends,

I posted a picture of my dinner last week on my Instagram feed and received multiple requests to post the recipe. So….here it is…One Skillet Mexican Chicken and Rice Fiesta! This is such a flavorful meal that can be jazzed up with various low FODMAP toppings (suggestions listed in recipe).  In the picture below,  I just added fresh cilantro, sliced black olives and a scoop of Greek yogurt (sub in lactose free sour cream if you can’t tolerate Greek yogurt.) A few sliced scallions (green part only) and avocado (limit to 1/8 per serving) are great topping additions to this recipe too.


This dish has become a family favorite, in part, because it only uses one skillet (less clean up) and a uses a few convenience products (saves time!)  The original recipe inspiration can be found here.  I tweaked the recipe to make it low FODMAP, of course.

I have to admit this meal makes an appearance just about every week at my house, especially on busy nights. The recipe provides a nice balanced meal: Rice (carbs) + lean chicken & cheese (protein) + a mix of vegetables (vitamins, minerals and fiber).  If you add some olives and avocado toppings, you will get a nice dose of healthy fats too!


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