88 Acres Seed Butter Give-A-Way!

If you follow my Instagram feed, it may come as no surprise to you, that I am a BIG fan of 88 Acres products. Perhaps, being Boston-based gives 88 Acres bakery  a competitive advantage. 🙂 I am a big Boston fan having been born, college-educated, and started my career in this great city. Boston is home to some of the most prestigious colleges and medical institutions in the world!

Today, 88 Acres is generously providing my blog followers a chance to win a container of one of their 3 new delicious seed butters. The three varieties of seed butters include chocolate or vanilla spice with a base of sunflower seeds or pumpkin seed butter. All you have to do is leave a comment stating which seed butter you would like to try. How easy is that?

88 Acres provides delicious products, free of the top 8 food allergens. Their dark chocolate and sea salt bars are not only delicious but also are well tolerated by my low FODMAP patients (including me!) New to their product line, 88 Acres recently launched seed butters which will be available for purchase at Whole Foods markets as well as directly from their website.


These seed butters are super tasty.  I have tried, with no success 🙁  to make pumpkin seed butter on my own. So… I was so excited to see 88 Acres pumpkin seed butter. I love the nutritional profile of pumpkin seeds– they contain copious amounts of magnesium. Magnesium plays a role in over 300 reactions in the body and helps our body fight inflammation.

FODMAPers please note:  the sunflower seed cut off on the Monash University low FODMAP app is 2 teaspoons. This cut off amount is not based on the upper limit of FODMAPs in sunflower seeds, but rather, it is listed because 2 teaspoons is the typical serving size of sunflower seeds. Enjoying 1-2 tablespoons of the sunflower seed butter is still low enough in FODMAPs, so YES, you can enjoy the yummy chocolate or vanilla spice (sunflower based) butters too!

I have been fortunate to sample all three seed butters. My personal favorite is the vanilla spice.

My favorite way to incorporate seed butters is straight up on a lightly salted rice cake or schmeared on a banana. These seed butters can be used to jazz up your morning oats or power boost your favorite smoothie recipe. My go-to smoothie concoction made with 88 Acres seed butter includes blending up: one frozen banana + 1-2 tablespoons chocolate seed butter + vanilla or plain lactose free yogurt + water or ice to thicken or thin to your desired consistency!

Another creative inspiration: Top banana slices with the seed butter, place in refrigerator to set the seed butter,  then dip or drizzle with melted semi-sweet chocolate and freeze into a bite size treat!

88 Acres will be launching special holiday gift boxes, which look amazing! Check out their site for holiday gift giving too.  This is NOT a sponsored post. I am just a fan. 🙂

Again, for a chance to win one of the seed butters, simply leave a comment with the flavor of seed butter you would like to try!  Three names will be randomly selected next week! Good luck and for my friends in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving!

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