Fruit & Yogurt Topped Pineapple Slices

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Feeling fancy? Well, then this recipe is for you! Slicing pineapple into slices and adorning with fresh low FODMAP fruit and seeds or nuts is not only nourishing but beautiful. These gorgeous pineapple slices would make great party fare.

plated pineapple wedges

I added a little fresh mint too to brighten up the flavor! Soooooo good!

So fun and festive, right?

whole tray

And up close and personal:


And so fun cut in wedges (like a pizza…but healthier!)

pineapple on plate

16 replies on “Fruit & Yogurt Topped Pineapple Slices

  • Bonnie

    Always look forward to your posts. In what store do you find the lactose-free yogurt. I’ve called several places from Green Valley’s product locator site and can’t find it. Thanks.

  • Lindsey Kae

    These are so fun, not to mention delicious! Hi Kate- I am new to low FODMAP and your website, blog, and the materials I’ve purchased have been incredibly helpful. The best GI in my area gave me an out-dated pamphlet on FODMAPs, wrote me an Rx for oscimin, and sent me on my merry way with no guidance. Here I am a year later, tired of popping pills before I even think about eating, and finally getting serious about healing myself naturally. After consulting with your books (as well as some of Patsy’s materials) I think I have it figured out. It has been YEARS since I’ve had a meal or snack followed by zero pain…I am on day 5 of the elimination diet and cannot believe the improvement! I was growing increasingly tired of my daily life revolving around my stomach pain/discomfort, especially as a young person just starting my career. It is indescribable to be able to go throughout my day and feel like a “normal” person. I am seeking out a dietitian in the Northwest Ohio area to assist me in the challenge phase, but I do have one question for you…is there any need for me to continue with the elimination phase for 2-6 weeks? I am symptom free and very confident that one of the FODMAP groups is the root of my problems, especially considering the fact that I’ve been symptom and pain free. I am eager to start narrowing in on what sources are causing my symptoms, but I will hold off if starting a re-introduction prior to 2 weeks of elimination could screw up the process. Any guidance is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for all that you do.

    • katescarlata

      Great to hear from you Lindsey and SO glad you feel better!! I would hold off for at least 2 weeks to reintroduce—some individuals take 4 weeks to feel the maximum benefit from the diet.

  • Denise

    Hi Kate,
    Your recipes are always a hit and I love your food photos. I can’t wait to try this gorgeous and tasty looking recipe!

  • Susan

    Hi Kate,
    Your blog has been a life saver for me since starting low FODMAP 3 months ago! Thank you! I notice that Udi’s white bread lists cultured corn syrup solids toward the end of ingredients list. Would this mean that if @kinnikinnick pizza crust also has cultured corn syrup solids toward the end of the ingredients list that it would be fine to have. Thank you. Susan

    • Susan

      The pizza crust also has pea protein and I have emailed the company to ask the quantity in each crust. I am waiting to hear. I believe up to 3 tbsp of pea protein is ok according to info by a dietician that had it independently tested by Australian testers. Do you agree?

      • Susan

        Pea Protein (Low FODMAP in small serves)

        There is no official data from Monash University on the FODMAP content of pea protein powder. Kate Watson, registered dietitian and founder of Nicer Foods (they make low FODMAP protein bars), has had pea protein independently tested via the Australian based FODMAP Friendly Food Certification program. Their data shows that pea protein is considered low FODMAP in small servings of 20g (3 tablespoons) or less (Kate Watson, personal communication, 20 July, 2015). Larger serving sizes of pea protein contain moderate to high levels of FODMAPs.

      • Susan

        Thank you Kate! I appreciate your blog and all your advice. Found out the amount in each crust is like 1/4 of a tsp. Hardly there at all. Lol

  • Debby Bronner

    Hi Kate – The fruit and yogurt recipe looks great. Can you also recommend a low fodmap lactose-free cream that I can use in some recipies? Thank you.

    • katescarlata

      Hi Debby, You can use small amounts of dairy cream in recipes and it should be low enough in lactose—2 tablespoons per serving should be okay…and up to 1/2 cup of whipped cream. If you need a dairy free creamer–there are some coconut creamers that might work in a recipe.

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