Double chocolate flourless cookie with salted peanuts

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This chocolate flourless cookie recipe was my experiment in the kitchen this week. They are pretty low sugar –as far as cookies go–and they received the thumbs up from my daughter, Chelsea. 🙂

flourless chocolate cookies baked

You can see the one chocolate chip that tried to wander off… Ha! ^

These cookies were rich and hearty.  For me, just one cookie fulfilled my chocolate craving. I love the savory (salted peanuts) and sweet (chocolate) flavors.

Most of you will have the ingredients to make these cookies on hand, so whipping up a batch is quite easy.  The recipe includes: one egg, peanut butter, brown sugar, baking soda, salted peanuts, semi-sweet chocolate chips and vanilla…and the dough will be on the thick side–but feel free to add a teaspoon of vegetable oil if it appears too dry or is crumbly.  I use natural peanut butter at my house (no hydrogenated fats or sugar) as I like the health profile better, but natural peanut butter can vary in oil consistency. If your  natural peanut butter is its on the dry side, definitely add 1 teaspoon of oil to the dough.

flourless chocolate cookie dough

You can sub in walnuts, macadamias, or pecans for the peanuts too.  Get creative 🙂


7 replies on “Double chocolate flourless cookie with salted peanuts

  • Divya

    Out of this world! And 1/3 cup is actually very little sugar for a whole batch! I’m stunned! I’ve been making my chocolate choices really count lately – dark chocolate salted caramel was a revelation. And now you’ve given me a way of reliving the bliss at home (minus the caramel)! Thank you!

  • Linda

    I will try making these this weekend; thank you for the recipe. I do have one question about the “Gone Bananas” from Trader Joe’s. Could the chocolate liquor cause problems? I ate 5 of these (they were so good) but later that night I had some issues. Thank you!

  • Angie

    Hi Kate! I feel like I have lived within your website these past days! Thank you so much for the work that you do and for the wonderful resource that you provide. I will be starting the full elimination plan (just read the Patsy Catsos book) tomorrow morning, and have scoured the internet for the answer to this question. I find your website to be my favorite so far in looking for answers to my questions/etc. and thought I would reach out to see if you had some insight into this. I plan to fully eliminate all FODMAPS for the 2 week period, and am wondering if it would be okay to continue with my (ever-so important) nightly dosage of Miralax? I have been diagnosed with IBS – with constipation being without a doubt my biggest digestive struggle. My gastroenterologist started me on Miralax, and it has helped a lot. I, however, really want this 2 week period to “count” and to get to the bottom of some of this! I would hate to do everything right and have this be a significant factor. Do you have an opinion on whether it would be okay to continue with my regular dose, or if I should try to stop taking it for the 2 weeks? I also take “Natural Vitality CALM” magnesium supplement powder each night, and am wondering about this. I am concerned that my struggle with constipation will be too uncomfortable if I remove these for 2 weeks, and I won’t feel the positive impact of removing FODMAPS? I would so appreciate your opinion on this as I start tomorrow and really want to get it right! Thanks again for all you do!

    • katescarlata

      Angie,Typically, my patients keep taking the laxatives prescribed by their doctor such as miralax–and just trial the diet as the only changing variable to their treatment plan. You don’t want to have multiple changing parts of your health plan happening all at once as it will be difficult to tease out what is helping or not. Many of my clients find the natural calm magnesium and/or miralax is quite helpful. I don’t think taking these products will impact your low FODMAP diet trial.

      • Angie

        Thank you SO much for your prompt reply, Kate! I truly appreciate it as it is nearly time to take the dose or not and you caught me right in time! I also spent time today looking for a dietician I can work with individually in the area, as I know that support is invaluable and important to have someone I am working with to ask these questions of. I so appreciate you taking the time to answer my question in the meantime, and this makes complete sense to only change the one variable and stick with the prescribed things that are already helping! Again, thank you and I look forward to following your blog and learning more in the future! Thanks again!

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