Grilled Shrimp Tortilla with Pineapple Salsa

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Hello Everyone!

Today’s recipe was inspired from our August trip to Nantucket. Millie’s is a great restaurant we pass biking our way to Madaket Beach.  Millie’s makes some awesome quesadillas filled with fresh seafood.  I opted to make a lower FODMAP version at home..  a grilled corn tortilla topped with grilled shrimp and pineapple salsa! Can you say, freakin’ delicious?Best shrimp tacoI had never grilled a corn tortilla before…  Have you?  I simply sprayed the fresh corn tortilla with oil (you can use a Misto oil sprayer–or buy oil at the grocery store already in a spray bottle such as International Collection Spray Oils) and then threw (placed might be better choice of words) the tortilla on the grill to brown it up!  I loved the texture:  a bit chewy, crunchy and all around tasty.

I then placed some prepared raw shrimp on a skewer and popped that on the grill.

A bit earlier, I made a little pineapple salsa.  I topped the grilled tortilla with a few grilled shrimp, a smattering of shredded cheddar cheese, and a tablespoon of the  tasty pineapple salsa.  I was in heaven. A nice blend of savory and sweet!

The recipe below is for the pineapple salsa:  Simply cook up 2 tortillas, 5 medium shrimp and 1/4 cup grated cheddar per person.  The salsa will serve about 6 people.shrimp taco w pineapple salsa

Upcoming topics:  SIBO, GMOs in foods, Tips for eating around the globe (focusing primarily on UK), and the launch of a fun product I think and hope you will like !

4 replies on “Grilled Shrimp Tortilla with Pineapple Salsa

  • rose sell

    I have recently been told by my doctor to follow the low fodmap diet. I am an older person and seem to be having a lot of trouble getting started. I do not have a lot of the ingredients needed for most recipes and find myself just floundering….very frustrated. I would like to have a good cookbook with simple recipes…there is just me and my husband to cook for. He is willing to eat whatever is necessary for me to have.
    I thoroughly enjoy your blogs. I try to take something for each one.

  • Madeline Lander

    Love the salsa recipe — will try it soon! Question — although apples are on the fodmaps no-no list what about applesauce and apple juice? Also — what are your suggestions for the best foods to try when beginning the elimination process?Thanks for your continuing help and guidance.

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