Monash U gives thumbs up to dark chocolate (FODMAP update)!

Okay, I stumbled on some new info this morning…and since chocolate has been a HOT topic…

Drum roll, please!

You can officially say, yes, to chocolate….dark chocolate that is.  But the quantity limit is about 2 tablespoons of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips or 30 grams.  BUT….yes, I will take it!  I have been allowing small amounts of semi-sweet chocolate chips in my recipes…. but today, I can rest easier knowing that they are officially allowed!Dark chocolate

White chocolate and milk chocolate had moderate amounts of lactose–so are ‘yellow or amber lighted’ on the app.

Click here to see the info as stated by the Monash Uni researchers!



7 replies on “Monash U gives thumbs up to dark chocolate (FODMAP update)!

  • e.n.


    I am so glad to hear this news. I am wondering whether this means vegan “milk” chocolate made with rice flour is now ok, since it has no lactose in.

    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      Not sure–depends on other ingredients. Does it contain carob?–because that is high FODMAP!

  • e.n.

    No, no carob, just cocoa! It’s just regular chocolate made without the dairy…and since the Monash says the fodmap is in the lactose I thought it could be ok.

  • Vee

    After checking out the Monash University link, I’m confused about which FODMAP could be in plain black and oolong teas, but not in green tea. How would oxidizing the leaves raise the fodmap content? Or did they decide that because oolong tea is called “partially fermented” and black tea, “fully fermented” that they must have something fermentable in them? The process of converting green tea to black is just oxidation, as I understand it, like the browning of cut lettuce leaves.

    • Elyce

      I am very confused about this too! I love my tea… and am wondering now if my cups of tea are too strong, and how that actually makes them high FODMAP? hmm…

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