What are your thoughts about twitter?Unknown-8

I know many people think twitter is a crazy waste of time.

To be honest, I joined twitter somewhat reluctantly as I had no clue what it was about…and what value it might add to my career.  But, other dietitians urged me to give it a try.  So…I joined.

At first,  I spent very little time tweeting. I was a bit unsure of what I should really even say.  But, soon enough, I realized I could follow other health care professionals around the globe that shared my interest in digestive health and I started to shared information that I knew–and in return, I received information I was seeking from others.  Now…I have to say, I love twitter!Unknown-9

One of my favorite things about twitter is twitter chats.  And this is where you all come in.  I will be moderating a twitter chat with two very smart Monash University FODMAP researchers, Jaci Barrett and CK Yao, on March 24 at 7 PM EST US time (Boston)….that would be March 25 at 10 AM Melbourne time and March 24 at 11 PM London time! And I hope to have participants from all over the globe.  You don’t have to tweet during a twitter chat–you can just follow the tweets! But if you want to ask a question….of course chime  tweet on in!

So here is how it works.  Get a twitter account.  Follow me @KateScarlata_RD I will be on twitter at 7 PM EST US on March 24 at 7 PM with the Monash researchers and will start asking questions.  If you want to follow all the questions I ask and all the answers that roll on in… put the twitter chat hashtag in the search bar on your twitter home page.  The twitter hashtag needs to be placed on all tweets associated with our ‘chat’.  The hashtag is #fodmapchat

When you put fodmapchat in your search section on your twitter home page you will start to see tweets related to our fodmapchat! You will need to keep refreshing your search bar to get the current tweets that are being typed in.

If you look closely in the grey search bar below on my twitter page–I typed in fodmapchat.Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 8.22.54 PM

The twitter chat goes fast–lots of answers and tweeting back and forth.  The chat lasts for one hour.

Remember if you want to ask a question– be sure to put #fodmapchat in your tweet–or it will likely get missed.  I can’t promise that all questions asked will get answered but…many questions will be answered!  And if you have any burning questions–leave a comment and I will try to ask them during the chat!

OH…and I gave away two 21 Day Tummy Cookbooks today! Congrats Donna and Lora!

8 replies on “FODMAP twitter chat!

  • Rhiannon

    Hi –

    I am hopeful that you will provide “crossover” of the helpful educational materials and discussions from your Twitter platform to your blog. For those of us who do not participate in social networking, it would be devastating to see your blog disappear or become a mere shadow of itself.

    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      I have no plans to ‘ditch’ my blog! At least not for some time. I realize it is a resource for many struggling with IBS and trying to navigate the low FODMAP diet and SIBO. I am sure I will do a recap of the twitter info. I am hopeful that I will have lots of new info to share….but we’ll see!

  • Miss Nutralicious

    I’m new-ish to twitter too! I think it’s a great tool for spreading the word on healthy eating even further. I look forward to the FODMAP twitter chat, I’ll be following along!

    Tweet, tweet!

  • Casey

    Hi Kate! Excited for this twitter chat with monash!! Can you ask them to test more and more foods please? Lol. Seriously the fodmap app is not very comprehensive! I’m always like hmm jicama? Not on the app. Flax seed oil? Not there. Licorice tea? Nope. And then I come knocking on your door asking via comments to your blog entries! I wish there was an extremely comprehensive guide from monash. Possible?

    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      Casey…I hear you….BUT….the testing of food for FODMAP content is very labor intensive and costly…that is why the lack of food lists. 🙁 Purchasing the app is one way people can support the researchers to do more food testing! I wish more research labs were doing the testing…but for now everyone seems to be relying on Monash U! I can tell you flaxseed oil is okay—any oil is carb free–and FODMAPs are carbs…so you are good there. Not sure about jicama and licorice tea….sorry.

  • Casey

    Thanks Kate! It’s so weird how they are the only people doing testing seriously. Maybe it just takes more time to get acceptance and popularity and then sponsors will start lining up to fund testing. Hopefully.

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