Nantucket Cranberry Blueberry Pie (FODMAP friendly)

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I received a short and sweet email from my father-in-law, Tony with a recipe attached for “Crustless Cranberry Pie”.  The email stated, “Mickie thought you might like the recipe,” from your favorite PAPA in law. 🙂

Mickie is my Mother-in-law....a great one at that! And she was right, I DID love the recipe!  And so did her son….we ate the whole pie in 2 days….Oops!cranberry pie delicious!

I decided to play with the original recipe though because….that is what I do. 🙂 The original recipe called for 1 1/2 cups of sugar….and I was able to reduce the sugar to just 4 tablespoons! I pulled the wheat flour out and made it gluten free–added some orange zest and vanilla to the topping….and finally used a mixture of frozen whole cranberries and blueberries.

I do love adding orange or lemon zest to my recipes.  Are you a zester?orange zest

I love nuts too…and this recipe calls for walnuts, a source of heart healthy omega 3s. Here is a great post in the NY times blog on the health benefits of nuts!Add the walnuts

The topping is a bit thick and gooey but spreads easily on top of the fruit.ready for the oven

Russ and I ate 2 helpings each.  But one slice is probably a better idea.  I mean, moderation in everything, right!?

Now you see it….cranberry pie

Now you don’t.all done!


11 replies on “Nantucket Cranberry Blueberry Pie (FODMAP friendly)

  • D'anah

    Wow! That looks amazingly good!!
    Yup, am a zester and recipe modifier myself.
    Thanks for sharing. Greatly appreciated!

  • Terry

    This looks delicious, thank you for all your fodmaps friendly recipes! I have recently been hearing a little about food combining and how certain combos (like protein and starch) are difficult to digest. What are your thoughts on this?

    • katescarlata

      Terry– Adjusting fat and fiber in the meal may be necessary to avoid rapid dumping of foods from the stomach into the intestine and/or too slow emptying depending on the person and their gastric emptying history. I tend to balance: carb w/ fiber, protein, produce and healthy fats with each meal–titrating it depending on my clients needs. There is much MISINFORMATION online–not sure why protein and starch combining would be an issue.

      • Terry

        Thank you, that helps! Is it also misinformation that fruit should be eaten separately, I see this alot also. Would make getting some fruit in very hard!

  • Marcy

    After finishing up SIBO Antibiotic treatment trying to figure out what to eat now that SIBO is supposedly gone… Dr. didn’t want to retest. On low dose Erythromycin to help with Cleansing waves. I also continue to only eat 3 meals a day – spacing those 4 hours about and at least 12 hour fast at night. So the LOWFODMAP snacks are out… In your opinion, and a person who has had SIBO in the past – is it best to just eat LOW FODMAP diet and HOPE that the SIBO doesn’t return. I think I am being TOO strict. Dr. says the Dr. Pimentel SIBO diet and Low FODMAP is just a guide for me… BUT, I don’t want it to return. Trying new foods at this point and hoping to keep symptoms at bay. I have some cramping about 1 a week and still deal with Constipation. Just curious how you manage your diet as a former SIBO gal. Thanks much!

    • katescarlata

      Hi Marcy, I hope you are feeling better. SIBO is NO fun….and I don’t blame you for trying to avoid its return! I will say, it’s not uncommon to require more than one round of antibiotics. I do think that many with SIBO will respond to the low FODMAP diet –but I think it is a good idea to undergo the challenge phase of the diet and assess which foods trigger your symptoms so you are not avoiding foods that your body can tolerate and digest. Unfortunately in a blog setting I can’t provide individual guidelines as I don’t have access to your medical info so I can only provide some general thoughts– I would be sure you are getting some fiber — such as chia seeds to help with constipation and moving things along. Meal spacing is a good idea –but I do tell my clients if they are very hungry –that an occasional snack during those times is okay. Personally, when I start to develop any symptoms, I go back to a strict low FODMAP diet for a couple days and that has seem to keep my SIBO at bay. I have also found (for me) and this is likely individual that the Culturelle probiotic (Health & Wellness Formula- Without inulin) helps calm my symptoms when they start….I only take the probiotic when I am symptomatic. THIS is not a research-based protocol but one I find works well for me!
      You may want to check out this conference which is available via webinar about SIBO–featuring top SIBO experts!

      • Marcy

        Thank you Kate! While visiting family for the Holidays, I read a Readers Digest article. It was talking about LOWFODMAP and how they interviewed you for tips/etc. I told family that this described my symptoms and diet to a tee! Also, how grateful I am that you do a blog and answer many of my questions! I carted my “special” food along for our stay. It was difficult, but worth no symptoms and able to visit family and celebrate Christmas! Thanks for all you do for IBS/SIBO patients! Blessings on your 2014!

  • katescarlata

    Yes, Marcy….I have been consulting with Reader’s Digest and am happy to announce the launch of the book, 21 Day Tummy which is geared for those with digestive symptoms–IBS, GERD AND for those who also have some weight to lose. I will be blogging very soon about the book–a project I am very excited about!!

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