Happy Mom’s Day.

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I found this quote online and it made me smile.

Mother [muhther] noun:  A person that does the work of twenty.  For free.

It’s true, Mom’s are very busy people.  And most, wouldn’t want it any other way.

I hope all you Mom’s out there are having a happy day.  What makes one Mom happy may not make another Mom happy so it is so important to find your own happiness.

I started my day with a nice warm baked croissant and some fruit salad…followed by a nice run and a Starbucks iced coffee.  A perfect day.

The flowers are exquisite this time of year.  The wisteria is flowering so I just had to take a few pictures.  Purple flowers make me happy. Wisteria fence

Wisteria seems like it belongs dangling off a castle, don’t you think?

WisteriaLast night, I felt like creating something sweet in the kitchen.  I didn’t want to create a complete mess like usual so I decided to make some little chocolate dipped bananas topped with this AMAZING almond butter I just bought at Whole Foods Market.

How good does this almond butter look?!  It makes me want to dive right in! almond butter

I just put about a teaspoon or two of this luscious almond butter on a slice of banana.bananas w- almnd butter

I melted some dark chocolate chips with a little coconut oil.  The coconut oil infused just a light coconut flavor–perfection!

I found it helpful to press the almond butter a bit firmly on the banana before dipping in the melted chocolate.

Then I froze these little banana treats and had one after my run today.  Pure yumminess.banana chocolate

This of course, was a Pinterest inspiration.  So easy, yummy and healthy. Here’s the original recipe which I of course messed around with a bit.!


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  • Heavy Hedonist

    Thanks for supplying my Mom’s Day plan– my younger sister just discovered FODMAP for her IBS, and my task was to bring all the baked goods for breakfast. I had a week to redo my original plans, and I used your carrot mini-muffins– yummy and easy to pull together.

    Using your list of foods, I figured out a safe quiche recipe and some roast veg as well.

    Thanks for the help! Peace, Mari

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